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[Video Training] Seven Things You Need To Get Right This Year So You Don't Get Fired Next Year


Have you ever heard of the saying, "Do it right or do it over?" Flying by the seat of your pants and surviving in ministry due to the grace of the do-over is a typical caricature of a youth ministry leader. However, no matter how charismatic the personality of the ministry leader is, there comes a time when second chances run out, and your misteps lead to your termination. This is especially true with errors and oversites in the areas of organization, communication, systems, wisdom, conflict resolution, and change. But there is another way. In this On-Demand Masterclass, we will look at seven critical aspects of ministry that you really need to get right this year so that you can lead, grow, thrive--and still be employed—in the next year.

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    Nick Clason is a youth ministry veteran with over a decade of church leadership experience and a creator of tons of youth ministry resources. He currently serves as Student Pastor for First Colleyville, a large Baptist church located between Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. A Wisconsin native, Nick spent the majority of his life in Ohio, including graduating from Cedarville University. He can often be found cheering on his Indianapolis Colts, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Wisconsin Badgers (basically the sports equivalent of mediocre). Nick is married to the love of his life, Amanda, and they have two amazing boys (Hudson and Jude).


    Session 1 - 33:00


    What if you could gain the practical skills you need to grow as a leader and thrive in ministry? 
    What if you could experience...

    Your ministry grow in numbers and in depth

    An increase in trust amongst parents and staff

    Finally reaching your potential

    An increased confidence in your mission

    Never feeling like a “ministry outsider” again

    Confidence in your decision making

    What if you could experience all these things? Now you can.  
    No more feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending responsibilities of a youth pastor!  

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