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[Video Training] Dealing With Difficult Parents


No matter the size of your ministry. No matter how long you’ve been there or what type of church you participate in, chances are, you’ve had experiences with parents who may be a little bit more “needy” than other families in your ministry. These are the families who are a little more opinionated or maybe more willing to share their opinions with you (and everyone else) more than the rest. We’re talking about the families whose emails you leave unread just a little bit longer because, honestly, you’re not totally sure how to respond. The families that call your phone you may send them to voicemail because you want to hear what they have to say before you answer or call back. It’s the family that on a Sunday after service, you’re standing in the lobby, and you see somebody walk into you, and you go, “Ohh man, that’s so and so, and I’m not sure I’m ready to have this conversation.” We all have families in our ministry who we just struggle with, right? We don’t hate them. We don’t dislike them. However, at the end of the day, they just make life a little bit more difficult for you, and we want to know how to navigate, how to engage, and how to care for these families really well because God has entrusted us with that task. God has placed those families in our church, so we don’t just want tactics or tips and tricks to figure out how to avoid these families or just pass them off to someone else. We want to be pastors. In fact, God has invited us into this as pastors, and we have a responsibility and, hopefully, a desire to care well for the people that God has placed in our ministry context. So, in this single-session Masterclass, Josh talks about difficult parents and five things to consider when choosing to pastor them well.

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    A student ministry veteran of over 15 years, Josh currently serves as the high school and college pastor at Christ Community Church, a large multi-site church located in the Chicago-land area, where he's been on staff for nine years. Josh finds a lot of joy in equipping volunteers, discipling students, and presenting Scripture in relevant ways to the young people he pastors. In addition to ministry, he loves fishing, cold brew coffee, building Legos with his 2 boys (Titus and Roman), repping the 49ers, and eating sushi with his beautiful bride, Mackenzie. Josh and Mackenzie have another boy on the way so stay tuned for the name reveal!




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