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Undivided Student Book


The Undivided Student Book is an essential component of an Undivided event. These books contain the creative, interactive small group Bible study activities, space for notes during large group sessions, and devotions designed to use during and after your Undivided event.

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“Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” —1 John 2:15

There are few things more powerful than witnessing someone throw all of themselves after a cause or a commitment. When we as people get behind something with all our energy and focus, it’s remarkable what we can do. 

The opposite is true as well. So often we see the broken results of someone giving only a portion of their focus and energy to something – a cause, a task, a relationship. Half-hearted commitment is really no commitment at all. 

This is especially true when it comes to our faith. The Bible is clear: God expects and deserves our undivided affection and commitment. Anything less falls short of who we are called to be as Christ-followers. You’ve seen the power of an undivided devotion to God. Don’t you want to see this kind of faith in your students? 

Teach Undivided and boldly challenge your students to pursue Christ with a single-minded devotion, discovering that the only love worth giving God is an undivided one.

Undivided Student Book

The Undivided Student Book is a hand-in-hand necessary component of your Undivided event. Designed as an interactive tool, it is a companion for each of the small group lessons. It contains space for large group session notes. And, it contains personal devotions to use during and after your Undivided event. 

Help your students focus on an undivided devotion to God with the Undivided Student Book.


Undivided Student Book

Undivided Student Book

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