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5 Views on Youth Ministry Short-Term Missions: Are Your Trips Helping or Hurting?


5 Views on Youth Ministry Short-Term Missions reflects the thoughts, personal stories, and real-life tips of five in-the-trenches youth workers who regularly lead short-term mission trips (STMs). Here you’ll find thoughtful but practical dialogue on the multiple views and approaches to STMs, from work camps to urban missions to long-term partnerships with Indigenous church leaders across the globe. Didn’t realize there were different views and approaches to STMs that thoughtful youth workers could disagree on? That’s part of the point of this book; to help youth workers have more insight into the issues and be more intentional in their responses. The five views of STMs found within this book are based on the contributors’ core commitments and worldviews (really, their missiology). Each of the contributors also offers a short response to one of the other views of STMs presented. Appendices tackle the important topics of junior high short-term missions and the incredible value of multigenerational trips.

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  • About This Resource
  • Short-term mission trips are the best and the worst things we do in North American youth ministry. 

    That's the first sentence in this book, and it sets the rationale for why this dialogue is so critically important. Of course, intentionality is important in all aspects of youth ministry, but since short-term missions have such a unique possibility of doing more harm than good (both for participants and those we serve), it's about time we had a more robust conversation about the good, bad, and ugly.

    With compelling stories and reflective questions (plus some pushback in chapter responses), the array of wise perspectives here will both affirm and challenge your thinking—and will provide encouragement and challenge as you approach short-term missions in your own ministry.


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