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"Root for the Home Team" Script


"May we look through the eyes of God, may we join the angels next time so we can really see, that the lost finding Jesus is the celebration that the world needs to see.” 

Root For the Home Team is a spoken word piece that illustrates the difference between how we celebrate our passion for sports or our sports idols, and how we celebrate the work of Christ in the lives of those around us. This script points us towards seeking those that are lost, emphasizing the importance of our role in leading people into a life-giving relationship with Jesus and the eternal celebration of the lost becoming found. 

  • By: Terrance Jackson & Brian Hill
  • Length: approximately 4 minutes 
  • Actor Needs: 3 actors
  • Theme Verses: Luke 15:7, 10, 32
  • Downloadable PDF
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Root for the Home Team

Root for the Home Team

Download a sample of Root for the Home Team.

Download Sample (PDF)