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Relentless T-Shirt


The Relentless T-Shirt is an authentic, themed shirt for your Relentless event.

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“. . . for we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard” —Acts 4:20 

Relentless is centered around one idea: If you were put into a situation where you had to choose Christ but by doing so you would lose everything, including maybe even your life, would you still do it? Are you willing to pursue Jesus in a way where nothing else comes first? 

It won't be easy. But here's a secret: few things truly worth having are. Your relationship with Christ is no different. 

Relentless: Pursuing Christ at All Costs will help teenagers understand the four main concepts that define a relentless faith: praise, personal evangelism, prayer, and persecution. Your students will see how viewing their faith through these concepts will change their life and change the world. 

Help your students pursue Christ at all costs today by teaching Relentless.

Relentless T-Shirt

The Relentless T-Shirt will complete your event planning. Our shirts are kept in-stock and are able to be shipped to you quickly. 

Reduce your stress for your upcoming Relentless event by providing Relentless T-Shirts at your event.