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Become a YM360+ User and Get a Complete Ministry Strategy Today!
Become a YM360+ User and Get a Complete Ministry Strategy Today!

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The world is full of deception and distraction, especially for young believers. You feel like you are doing everything you can to stay ahead of what your students are facing, but there are still days where it just doesn’t seem like enough. That is why YM360’s year-long curriculum Anchored, is here to help.  

Try YM360's newest Bible Study Curriculum, Anchored for FREE! Click the link below to get 3 lessons emailed to you!

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When students are anchored in their faith in God, it is far more difficult for them to be swept up by whatever lies are thrown at them. In every lesson, students are reminded of biblical truth through apologetical style content, which is reinforced with their weekly ‘Anchor Statement’. We believe the best way to combat the ever changing world that students live in is not to try and address every new thing that comes along, but rather to equip students basic doctrine, which will actively stand against all lies- both new and old. We want to help you steady your students in the face of adversity, and encourage them grow deeper in their relationship with God. 

Hebrews 6:15-20 tells us that God is incapable of lying. It also assures us that all of the promises He has given can be an anchor for our souls. Are you ready for your students to be Anchored?

Know Where Your Curriculum Is Going

YM360's Bible Study Curriculum is designed to exceed expectations and take care of the details so that youth workers can focus on what really matters—proclaiming the Gospel to their students.

Anchored includes:

  • Access for unlimited teachers within your church, regardless of attendance or church size
  • Lesson plans with historical and Biblical background (PDF and DOC versions included)
  • Teacher prep videos for each unit allowing your leaders to prepare more easily
  • Parent pages for each lesson to help empower your students' parents to lead their teenagers' discipleship process
  • After-lesson devotional and social media suggestions to keep your students connected to the lessons during the week
  • Presentation background images and promo art

We are confident that one of our Bible Study Curriculum options will meet the needs of your youth ministry, which is why we offer a 200% Guarantee. If one of our studies doesn't meet the needs of your group, we'll issue you a refund and allow you to continue using the material.