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Our office will be closed on 5/27/24. If you have an immediate need, please email our team at

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Your Story Matters: Preparing Students To Share Their Story Before A Short-Term Mission Trip


Your Story Matters is a free evangelism tool that will help your students craft their testimony and gain confidence in sharing their story before sending them on your next short-term mission trip.

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Each of your students who claim Jesus as Lord has a story of how they came to know Christ, how Jesus changed their life, and how He’s currently using them to impact the world in His name and for His Glory. Depending on your culture or church, this story might be referred to as a testimony, a faith story, Jesus’ story, or a witness. No matter what it’s called in your church context, this story is a powerful tool in reaching others for Christ and helping build up the other teenagers in your youth ministry. Understanding that they have a unique story to share and knowing how to share that story with others is also essential for you to help your students understand before sending them out to share the Gospel with others on your next short-term mission trip. It can sometimes be hard for a student to think through their story or know how to tell their story in a meaningful, succinct way. That’s where this guide comes in! This resource will help you prepare your students to organize their thoughts, so they can begin to see their lives as a part of God’s story and be confident in sharing it with others.

    Using The Guide In Your Ministry:

    • Assign the guide and allow students to share their stories with their small groups at a designated time/place.
    • Assign the guide then sometime within a few weeks, have select students share their stories with your entire group.
    • Assign the guides then have students video their responses to be shown in youth group or your church’s corporate time of worship.
    • Assign the guides then follow up with students personally and allow them to share their stories with you as a form of practice. 

    What's Included?  Leader’s Guide, Student Handouts, Visual Slides