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All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy

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Free Christmas Lesson | The (Giving) Spirit of Christmas


You have been looking to change your students’ perception of Christmas. They are constantly surrounded by messages of what they can get, but not what they can give. In this free Bible study by YM360, you will be able to walk your student through Biblical examples of giving, and how it helps us share the Gospel with others during the Christmas season. Download this lesson plan now, and avoid another holiday filled with grumpy, self-absorbed teenagers! You can show your students that the Christmas spirit is one of giving as well as receiving!

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  • About This Free Resource
  • When students hit the holiday season, they are often thinking more about getting some well-deserved time off school, great food, family time, and of course a few items from their wish list on Christmas morning. But ask yourself, what are they giving? Do they find joy in being the giver as well as the receiver? 

     In this single lesson, you can alter the course of their holiday season by reminding them of the greatest gift that has been given to them. Not only can they rejoice in this gift, but they can also share it with others through their words and actions. “The (Giving) spirit of Christmas” is an important resource for you and your students this Christmas as you get into the holiday cheer!