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Free Christmas Lesson | Experiencing the Christmas Story


Are you looking to do something a little different this year with your Christmas Bible Study? YM360 has an easy to follow guide available for you, so that you can create a Christmas experience that your students will not forget! Download today, and be a step ahead for your next Christmas lesson!

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  • About This Free Resource
  • It’s a little different than a traditional Bible study. It’s great if you’re looking to have your students learn about the Christmas narrative in a more experiential way.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. You’ll need to set-up five rooms, or five areas of your church where students can go to interact experientially with various aspects of the Christmas narrative.
    2. Ideally, you’ll need an adult in each room to facilitate the interaction. Though, if you don’t have that many volunteers you can simply lead the interaction in each room yourself.
    3. You can debrief after each room, or once you’re done with all of them. The two questions we used to debrief are: How do you identify with this character? How can you move more towards Jesus this Christmas?