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Disciplemaking with Girls


Teenage girls area lot—in the best way. Complex, dramatic, thoughtful, generous, smart, frustrating, energetic, and ever-changing. This is because the teen years are marked by major shifts and growth, making them an ideal time to mentor girls toward a sustained, enduring faith.This is no small task, but it’s familiar territory for Katie Edwards, a long time youth worker, parent, and a former teen girl herself. She’s written Disciplemaking with Girls as a resource for the dedicated, caring adults ready to come alongside girls, build meaningful relationships, and pass down the ways of Jesus to the next generation.

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  • About This Resource
  • This practical, well-researched, and conversational book covers everything you’ll need to know to be a disciple maker, including what it’s like to be a girl (covering cognitive, relational, physical, and spiritual development), how we as adults can build trust and connection with girls, and what kinds of conversations and time together create meaningful steps toward lasting faith.These pages are full of real-life stories, plus guides and strategies for successful small groups, leader meetings, choosing curriculum, and beyond. This is a rich resource you’ll refer back to for years as you continue the challenging and rewarding process of walking alongside girls who are becoming lifelong disciples of Christ.


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