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"Bless The Food" Script


“I get angry too. And you're right Steph. Life isn't the best right now, and dad may never come back. There seems not too much for us to be thankful for. But not only do we have each other, but we do have the Lord. He is our father and he will guide us. And for that I am thankful and forever grateful.'” 

When siblings sit down for dinner, one admits they don't think they should have to pray because they don't believe they have anything to thank God for. A dramatic scene about God's timing and providence and our trust in Him. 

  • Author: Terrance Jackson
  • Length: approximately 10 minutes 
  • Actor Needs: 3 actors 
  • Theme Verses: Psalm 9:10; Proverbs 3: 5-6
  • Downloadable PDF
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Bless The Food

Bless The Food

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