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[DOWNLOADABLE VERSION] Awaken: A 10-Day Easter Devotional


Easter Sunday should be one of the most joyful days of the year for anyone who has given their life to Jesus. Christ’s resurrection deserves a grand celebration, and we, as believers, usually do a great job of celebrating! However, we can sometimes rush to rejoice and leave out the sadness, darkness, pain, and suffering that this joy comes from. Without reflecting on what led to Easter Sunday, we’re not getting the full picture of what Jesus has done for us through His life, death, and resurrection.

But what if your students could be awakened anew to the reality of all that Jesus has done for them? With Awaken: A 10-Day Easter Devotional, your students will be equipped to process through the gravity and solemnity of the Easter story. Even though the days leading up to Easter are dark and unsettling, your students will be encouraged to cling to the fact that Christ’s light shines even in the face of death. Easter Sunday always comes! 

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  • What is Included in the DOWNLOADABLE VERSION
  • This downloadable option was created for you to purchased based upon your ministy's size. Upon purchase you will recieve a PDF version of the devotional for you to share with your students however you'd like. Maybe you want to print them out, maybe you want to post a link for them to download it to their phones, iPads, or laptops. If you have any questions please call the YM360 team or connect with us on LiveChat and we will make sure to help you out!


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Look Inside

Download a sample of Awaken: A 10-Day Easter Devotional [DOWNLOADABLE VERSION].

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