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[3 Lesson Course] Building A Campus Ministry In The Summer


By Corey Watson. School campus ministry is a great way to meet students right where they are, minister to the faculty, bless the school in practical ways, and meet other students in your community. The questions that come up most often, however, whenever we talk about building a campus ministry are— How do I locate and leverage open doors at the schools in my community? How can I connect with my students there without crossing any boundaries? How can I get the critical meetings that need to be had with the key leaders at a school, and how do I make a great impression when I do? These are common questions for many of us as youth pastors as we attempt to solve the campus ministry conundrum. Oftentimes, however, we go about answering these questions during the busiest times of the school year. What if I told you there was a time when school leaders would be more open to meeting and engaging with you on this topic? There is such a time, the summer break. 

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  • Trainer: Corey Watson

    Lessons: 3

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    What if you could gain the practical skills you need to grow as a leader and thrive in ministry? 
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    Never feeling like a “ministry outsider” again

    Confidence in your decision making

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