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10 (Awesome) Easter Devotions


These FREE Easter Devotions help teens get prepared for Easter by looking at a chronological view of the events surrounding Jesus' last days on earth. They will help your teens prepare their hearts and minds to celebrate Christ's resurrection.

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Here at YM360, we know youth leaders wear many hats, so we create high-quality resources and life-changing events which allow you to spend time leading your students in meaningful relationships with Jesus. Enjoy this free resource and thank you for the chance to serve you. 

    Devotion Objective: These devotions will help teens prepare their hearts and minds to celebrate Christ's resurrection. They offer a look at the events surrounding Jesus' last days on earth. Each day is interactive and will provide a solid Bible-based approach to helping teens focus on each day's key takeaways from Scripture. 

    Devotion Overviews: There are 10 days worth of devotions. Each day offers a practical goal for your students. 

    • Day 1: Focus on the sacrifice Jesus made 
    • Day 2: Express how Jesus' relationship-healing work on the cross makes us feel 
    • Day 3: Consider how our new life in Christ is different than our old life 
    • Day 4: Reflect on what Jesus' sacrifice says about how valuable we are to God 
    • Day 5: Reflect on the Crucifixion account and formulate praise to God 
    • Day 6: Contemplate how Jesus offers hope when things seem hopeless 
    • Day 7: Consider how Jesus' complete control over all things gives us confidence 
    • Day 8: Express thanks for the possibility of new life in Christ 
    • Day 9: Evaluate what changes need to be made to be more on mission with God 
    • Day 10: Thank God that he has called us to be messengers of His story 

    Suggested Uses: Distribute a few weeks before Easter and let your students work through them on their own Consider emailing them to your students and their parents to encourage family devotion time Post them as a downloadable link on your church/youth website or group Facebook page.

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