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The YM360 Difference


As one of youth ministry's premier providers of resources to churches all over the globe, we know buying resources and curriculum for your ministry can be overwhelming and time-consuming. There are a lot of options out there. But how do know if what you're buying is a good fit? Is it even something you can really trust?

At YM360, we intentionally make sure the process of buying curriculum is not overwhelming. Most importantly, we're committed to providing you with resources you can trust to teach the truths of the Bible in your youth ministry.

Here are a few things that make us uniquely different ...



Our content always points back to the powerful truth of the Gospel and its ability to transform people's lives. Our number one priority is helping teenagers come face to face with the Gospel in those precious few moments you have with them each week. You can count on our content to help you here.



The Bible is the main way God has chosen to make Himself known to us, His children. Our content helps teenagers know God and His ways through His Word. Our content will challenge teenagers with the truths of Scripture. You can trust our content to help you teach the Bible accurately and truly.



Don't overlook this one. Our philosophy is, "you're only as good as your weakest teacher," and we mean that lovingly :) But, it's true! We work extremely hard to make sure your content is easy to teach for teachers of all experience levels. We hear great feedback all the time on this. When you use our content, you'll be setting your leaders up to teach well.


Amazingly Priced

Our model is different. (We're a light and lean machine!) We price our content so that it's affordable and full of value. We don't charge you by group size with our long-term curriculum; and once you buy our content, your church owns it forever. The bottom line is this: your budget money is not increasing, and therefore we want to help you as much as we can. The quality and the value found in our content is the best you'll find.


A Team Of Experts

Our publishing team is made up of youth workers just like you. We love partnering with youth workers to develop resources which are serving in local churches day in and day out. Our fearless leader in publishing is Andy Blanks, who has been creating Bible Study and Discipleship resources for youth workers all over the globe since 2003, as well as leading teenagers in the local church as a volunteer since 1998. Our team is sold out on making the best resources available to you. Just one look at what we have to offer and we think you'll agree!


Throw in our world-class customer care, and we think you'll love being in the YM360 family. We will do all we can to help you (no matter the time of day). Just call us, start a live chat, or shoot us an email ... we're ready to help.