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"NEW: First Steps For Christ Followers" Downloadable Leader's Guides

CLICK HERE to download your PDF copy of the NEW Small Group Leader's Guides.


These free Lesson Plans help you facilitate a 4-Session small group Bible study where NEW becomes the "out-of-class" student piece. Your students work through NEW on their own, then come to a small group where you'll help them unpack the awesome truths of their new life in Christ.

Here's a little bit more info on what to expect with the NEW Small Group Leader's Guides:

  • TIME--Designed to provide you with at least half an hour of content. Most groups will find there's enough content to go well beyond 30-minutes.
  • STRUCTURE--Utilizes the following structure:

A. An opening prayer activity.

B. A time for students to share what they’ve learned the previous week in their personal study of NEW.

C. A Bible study activity that takes one aspect of the previous week’s content and goes more in depth in a fast-paced discussion.

D. A section that previews the week to come. (Each Leader's Guide also has a running column for notes.)

  • SUPPLIES--Structured to where all you'll need is a copy of NEW, a Bible, and your Lesson Plan.
  • INTERACTION--Provides you with questions tailored to new Christ-followers and to young Christ-followers.

If you have a moment, watch youthministry360's Andy Blanks talk about why we created the Leader's Guides, how they work, and and what you can expect.


As always, we're here to serve you! If you have trouble with the download or any questions about NEW or the Small Group Leader's Guides, don't hesitate to call us at 888.96.ym360 or email us at