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[Summer Camp Edition] This Changes Everything


Choose This Changes Everything for your Summer Camp theme and help your students see the radical difference God makes in the lives of His people.

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The world looks a certain way. The status quo. It is what it is. Things will never change. Until it does. Something happens. Something big. A complete 180° turn from death to life. That something is Jesus Christ

The power of the Gospel is transformative. It takes hearts of stone and turns them into hearts of flesh. It flips the light switch on darkness. It resurrects the dead and breathes life into them. It delivers hope, it offers peace, and it changes everything

In their Small Groups, your students will encounter how Jesus shifts our attitudes, revolutionizes our thoughts, and reconstructs our words. They will see that when he comes into our lives, He gives us a new song, and we are fully, utterly, absolutely, to our very core transformed.

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Feature List:

  • Your first 30 Student Packs, each including: 1 Custom T-Shirt, 1 Camp Notebook, 1 Follow-Up Devotional Journal, 1 Bracelet, and 1 Sticker
  • Bible Study Overview
  • Four Small-Group Lessons
  • Four Large-Group Outlines
  • 12 Videos: creative worship, comedy, stories, and theme
  • Media Assets: themed countdown clock, worship screen graphics, and motion loops
  • Suggested Worship Service Orders
  • Promotional Artwork Kit: social media images, cell phone backgrounds, document headers, theme images, poster designs, and more
  • Sunrise/Vespers Worship Order of Service
  • Games: 150+ stage, water, large-group, relays, and group-building games
  • Missions Options: project handbook, prayer & discussion guide
  • Four Pre-Worship Experiences
  • Parent Pages
  • Medical Release Form Template
  • Camp Rules Template
  • Suggested Camp Schedules
  • Pre-Event Prayer Guides
  • Adult Leader Application Template
  • Adult Leader Post-Camp Survey Template
  • Volunteer Post-Camp Survey Template
  • Registration Form Template
  • Response Card Template
  • Name Tag and Luggage Tag Templates
  • "Fall Through the Cracks" Checklist
  • Year-Long Planning Checklist
  • Free-Time Suggestions
  • Sign Up Sheet
  • Church Bulletin Inserts
  • Prayer Cards for Students
  • Suggested Menus (we've thought of everything!)

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Student Packs



INCLUDES (per student):

  • Bible study guide/camp notebook
  • Custom-designed T-shirt
  • Themed sticker
  • Woven, themed bracelet
  • 4-week follow-up devotional journal

Your First 30 Student Packs Are Included Your $999 purchase.

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INCLUDES (per leader):

  • Bible study guide/camp notebook
  • Custom-designed T-shirt
  • Themed sticker
  • Woven, themed bracelet

Order This Changes Everything today for your complete Summer Camp Theme Package!

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Session Overviews

Session 1: How It Was—The World And Our Hearts Before the Change

What We Want Students to Learn: That as human beings, we are desperately in need of a Savior. 

Main Scripture: Genesis 1-3

Supplemental Scripture: Romans 3:23, Psalm 14:1-7

Session Snapshot: When we understand where we come from, we have the proper lens through which to see exactly how and why we need to be transformed. Today, we’ll turn to our origin story: how humanity was created by a loving God, how He provided for us in every way, and the betrayal in the Garden that separated us. We’ll also seek to understand sinfulness vs. God’s holiness on a macro level, and talk about how it relates us personally, in a micro sense.

Session 2: How It Changed—The Revolutionary Power Of The Gospel

What We Want Students to Learn: That through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, God made it possible for us to be once-and-for-all set free from the consequences of sin.

Main Scripture: Ephesians 1:7-10

Supplemental Scripture: Galatians 4:4-7; Romans 10:9-13

Session Snapshot: When Adam and Eve sinned, it didn’t catch God off-guard or by surprise. God has always had a plan in motion, and it looks like this: you are loved. God has fought for you. And when Jesus comes into your life, you move from being a slave to the world and its emptiness to an heir with Him. When you come to saving faith in Jesus, you are adopted into grace through Jesus’ death and resurrection: the old is gone and the new has come.

Session 3: How It Is—Walking In Newness Of Life

What We Want Students to Learn: That we live our lives in accordance with how Jesus has changed us. 

Main Scripture: Colossians 3:12-17

Supporting Scripture: James 1:2-4, Ezekiel 36:26

Session Snapshot: How then shall we live? A transformed life in Christ means we aren’t bound by the old ways of the world. When Jesus takes our heart of stone and gives us back a heart of flesh, that new heart comes with new purpose: to know Christ and make Him known. Our priorities come into focus and our faith is expressed through our purpose and life. We’ll look at what’s important to believers and how to live like a Christ-follower who has been fundamentally changed.

Session 4: How It Will Be—A Future Hope

What We Want Students to Learn: That because of God’s promise to redeem all things, we can enjoy the good times and make it through the bad times without losing hope. 

Main Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Supporting Scripture: Revelation 22:1-5

Session Snapshot: When we look around at the world, there’s so much to love. Everywhere you turn there is God’s goodness on display. But, if we’re honest, there are times when things get tough. In these times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It can sometimes be difficult to see God, especially when we know that He has promised to make all things new. But we can trust His word. We can actively live as children of the promise, all the while hoping in a future where everything will be made right and we are fully redeemed. It’s worth the wait.

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Order This Changes Everything today for your complete Summer Camp Theme Package!

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