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Walk the Plank: Dying to Self Means Life to The Full


The ironic call of God is that to ultimately find our life, we must lose it first. Not only does this sound a little wild, but it begs the question “How do we die to ourselves” or “walk the plank”, practically? In this series, we’ll explore real-life, examples of men and women throughout the pages of Scripture who “Died to Themselves” and explore their “Death Moment” which will give us clues into what areas in our own lives we need to lay down at the feet of Jesus.

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This series will introduce students to men and women in the Bible who lived a life fully surrendered to God and decided to “die to themselves”. Because of their obedience and surrender, they discovered the fullness of the abundant life that God has on offer! In these incredible examples is an invitation to us all, to die to ourselves to truly live.

  • Session Overview
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    • Session 1 – He Must Increase, I Must Decrease (John 3:22-30) | John the Baptist was the forerunner to Jesus in the wilderness. John had his own ministry with his own disciples. Not to mention, he and Jesus were cousins! But when the time came for him to lay down his pride, he did so, and he did masterfully! Paving the way, not only for this series but for the life of Christ, we can look to the example of John the Baptist that he utters in John 3:30.
    • Session 2 – What Do You Need to Offer Up? (Genesis 17:1-19; Genesis 22:1-5) | Abraham and his wife Sarah were childless. They may have been content with that reality, but God swoops in and offers them a promise to be the father (and mother) of many nations. Only one problem. They don’t have kids. So when God finally blesses Abraham with a son, Isaac, God, who gave the son in the first place, asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. In this session, we’ll explore the heart-wrenching story and ask you the question: What do you need to offer up to God?
    • Session 3 – What Road Will You Choose? (Ruth 1:16-22) | The Story of Ruth, Naomi, and Orpah is super interesting. Ruth chooses to stay with her mother-in-law, who she has no ties to, and return to Naomi’s homeland and her obedience pays off in the long run. Because of Ruth’s selfless decision, she ultimately becomes a member of the genealogy of Jesus. In this session, we’ll ask you to explore your life through an eternal perspective and ask: Is the path I’m on leading to where I want to go?
    • Session 4 – Our Greatest Example (Matthew 26:38-39) | The fourth and final example of someone who “walks the plank” comes from the ultimate example in all of Scripture. Jesus Himself. Jesus’ life was marked by multiple decisions to say no to Himself, none of these decisions was more powerful than the moment in the Garden when He chose suffering over comfort. Now how do we, in light of the ultimate example and sacrifice, turn our attention to doing that for other people? And what does that mean and look like for each of us?
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Overview and Sample Sermon

Overview and Sample Sermon

Download a full overview of Walk The Plank and sample the first sermon in the series.

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