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Kairos: Learning to Keep God's Time


Kairos: is a four-session sermon series that will challenge your students to set aside “tick-tock” time to engage God intentionally and expect Him to break into their lives in timeless ways. By examining four stories of Jesus, this series will encourage your students to look beyond what sits immediately in front of them so they can see that God’s will, goodness, and grace are always working beneath the surface, setting up a framework designed to propel their lives deeper into His Kingdom.

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Kairos is about time. Not the “tick-tock” kind of time we’re used to living in. Kairos is the beautiful kind of time where God breaks in and changes everything. These are moments when something special happens. They’re moments that interrupt our status quo. They’re moments when the trajectory of our journeys changes forever. When God breaks in, we must take the change He creates – whatever it may be. We must accept both the work of Christ and the way of Christ. We must trust in what God is doing instead of trying to do it ourselves. And then we must step out in faith and believe that God’s goodness will come in time. The moment is upon us. Don’t you think it’s about time?

  • Session Overview
  • What's Included

    • Any large group setting
    • Mid-week youth service
    • "Master teacher” format 


    • Session 1 Time Out (John 6:25-69) | God is ready to break into our lives. Every moment is an opportunity to observe where God is breaking into your life. The question is whether we will embrace how God breaks in. Do we just want a vending machine God, or do we want God to be our provision, our bread of life? That’s the question we must answer as we evaluate everything by focusing on the only thing.
    • Session 2 – Time Bomb (John 8:48-59) | We live in a world that tries to be more by chasing power, position, and possessions. But this is not the way of Jesus. So when God breaks into our lives in a Kairos moment, we must choose whether we are willing to follow the way of Jesus by committing to be more by becoming less through things like sacrifice, service, humility, and unity.
    • Session 3 – Time Warp (John 15:1-8) | We run into the trap of doing more because we’re trying to work for things that God is ready to give us. This is not the way of Jesus. Instead, we can work from our identity rather than working for it as we learn to abide in Christ and do more by doing less.
    • Session 4 – Time Change (Mark 5:21-43) | We are all broken and want healing. But the way of the wounded healer is the way of Jesus. Knowing this, we can look forward to breakthrough by praying for restoration and trusting in resurrection. As we do, we stop falling back and start springing forward.

  • Detailed Sermon Outlines 

    Every Sermon Series comes with detailed sermon outlines. Teach them "as is" or adapt them to suit your specific ministry context. 

    Discussion questions 

    Questions are designed to foster conversations, help students think critically about the teaching, and wrestle with how these Biblical truths impact their complicated and ever-changing lives. You can use these discussion questions to facilitate small groups after your large group teaching or even create handouts for students to work through the message as you go.

    Title and Background slides 

    These are designed to be dropped into your favorite presentation software to help you build a creative environment around your sermon. Use them as a backdrop for song lyrics, Scripture passages, teaching points, and any illustrations you choose to display.

    Artwork for promo and social media 

    Social media images, web banners, and a printable poster file are included. Perfect for newsletters, websites, social media platforms, or print them off for posters and bulletin inserts.

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    We include a logo file and the native design files to allow you to use the logo in ways you see fit. 

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Overview and Sample Sermon

Overview and Sample Sermon

Download a full overview of Kairos and sample the first sermon in the series.

Download Sample (PDF)