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Sophomore Year Bundle

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The Sophomore Year Bundle includes two powerful devotional experiences to help your 10th grade students grow in their study of God's Word.

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Sophomore: A 30-Day Devotional

Sophomores are no longer the new kids on campus. Welcome to the sophomore year of high school. 

Some teenagers view this as their year to waste, but it's really their chance to be different, to find ways to step into maturity, to look for opportunities to help others, and to prepare for their elevation into the upper classes next year. 

Questions that are key in this year of their life: What role do their friends play in your life? How do they make decisions? Which people are in their crowd? Who are their role models? What life-shaping habits are they developing? 

Each of the 30 daily devotionals in Sophomore: Stepping Into Maturity will help sophomores walk through an important moment, issue, challenge, or opportunity that defines their sophomore year. Author Lars Rood will also offer ideas on living out what you believe. In other words, this isn't just a book you read—it's a book that leads to action.

Tracing the Thread: A 52-Week Journey Through the Story of the Bible

The Bible. It’s God’s primary way of teaching us about Himself and His ways. But if we’re honest, the Bible can be confusing at times. Especially for teenagers. Part of this is the cultural and historical barrier; it was written a long time ago, in another language, in a culture very different from ours. But maybe the main reason the Bible can be confusing for teenagers is that they don’t truly understand how it works. 

They don’t get that it’s a story. But when they grasp this concept, it changes everything. 

Tracing the Thread is a 52-week devotional journey designed to teach teenagers the big-picture story of the Gospel through God's Word. It includes: 

  • Weekly memory verses that tie the Gospel to the big-picture story of the Bible 
  • Icons that help teach God’s attributes to teenagers as they encounter them 
  • Questions and prompts to help teenagers apply the truths of what they’re learning




Download a sample of Sophomore: Stepping Into Maturity.

Download Sample (PDF)
Tracing the Thread

Tracing the Thread

Download a sample of Tracing The Thread: A 52-Week Journey Through the Story of the Bible.

Download Sample (PDF)