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High School Director

Job Details


The High School Director must fulfill his or her duties with excellence and ministry appropriateness. This position’s primary focus is the spiritual development and growth of students grade 9 through 12.   First Christian Church views this position in a holistic manner, and thus this responsibility includes helping the family unit as it relates to the spiritual development of their teenagers. Youth Ministry programs and approaches are to harmonize with the overall family ministry of First Christian Church.

The person filling the position at First Christian Church will be a vital part of the family ministry team, using innovative and intentional ministry to fulfill responsibilities. A professional approach and spiritual attitude are expected at all times. 


This position requires a well trained professional committed to Jesus Christ and to ministry to young people and their families. The High School Director should have the following qualifications:

  • Will have accepted Christ as the leader and forgiver or his or her life
  • A four year undergraduate degree, preferably in the area of bible/ministry
  • Experience and skills in interacting with and ministering to youth
  • Administrative, interpersonal, relational, and communication skills
  • A servant attitude and willingness to learn
  • A strong Biblical knowledge foundation

He or she must be able to work in a multi-staff setting with other ministry professionals maintaining interpersonal and relational skills. He or she must demonstrate the ability to work as part of a team to accomplish ministry goals. His or her beliefs should coincide with the First Christian Church Statement of Faith.

As a member of the congregation, it is expected this position will continue their professional and spiritual development through appropriate classes, bible studies, involvement in small group ministries, or other appropriate means.

Additional Skills:

In addition to the qualifications, experience or knowledge in the following areas is beneficial:

  • Christian education knowledge or experience
  • Pastoral counseling education or experience
  • Teaching/Preaching experience
  • Experience in leading student programs
  • Coordination of short-term mission endeavors

Essential Job Functions: 

Work in partnership with the Family Ministries Pastor to lead Student Ministry, with a specific focus on High School students, and even more specifically with a focus on developing upper classmen.

Develop and implement regular student programming for Sunday evenings as well as additional special events and service projects (fellowship activities, mission trips, connection opportunities, etc.)

Recruit and train the volunteer leadership team from the congregation to fill ministry roles necessary to the function of this area

Build relationships with High School students and their parents, with a focus on helping parents of High Schoolers disciple their children in age-appropriate ways.

Disciple teenagers to be disciple-makers aiming toward holistic approaches to evangelism

Work with and communicate effectively with the rest of the family ministry staff team regarding planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating programming.

Communicate regularly with High School families regarding programming and upcoming events.

Work with the Family Ministries Pastor to keep the congregation informed and involved in activities, remembering the congregation’s commitment to the spiritual growth of teenagers.

Work in partnership with the Family Ministries Pastor to plan, administrate, and lead all student ministry activities.

Perform other related duties as required or requested.

Additional Information:

This is a full-time position under the oversight of the Elders, Administrative Team, and Lead Pastor of First Christian Church. This staff member reports directly to the Family Ministries Pastor.

Adherence to scripture as a guide for Christian lifestyles, behavior and respect for authority is expected.

Job Status: Full-Time
Salary Range: $45,000 - $55,000



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