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You Might Have Missed The Journey

You Might Have Missed The Journey

Hiking wasn't my favorite activity when I was younger. Why? I often found the destination wasn't worth the work it took to get there! Of course, I was missing something. Hiking isn't only about where we go, but about how we get there.

I was so focused on the destination that I never considered I was losing sight of what was happening around me.

The other night I was listening to Jon Acuff on the Catalyst Podcast and he talked about how too many of us are looking to what's next when we should be enjoying where we are. Youth ministers aren't immune to this philosophy. Some of us think: "In my next position . . . " or, "At my next church . . . " or, "When the ministry reaches X number of teens . . . " The problem with that philosophy is that we forget to focus on the journey and lose site of what we witness along the way. And if we miss the journey, it seems like we open our selves up for disappointment and frustration as we go. So what are we at risk of missing?

The Small Wins

In our journey there will be bright spots when we see the vision reached. These moments provide the fuel we need to keep going and the stories we need to inspire others. Taking in these moments will prove valuable when we need to break through a paradigm or bring people alongside of us.

The Small But Significant Relationships

There are going to be people who walk in and out of your ministry. Some of them will be there for years, others for a very short period of time. Noting the significance, not the longevity, of these relationships will help you grow as an individual, manager, and leader. Acknowledging these encounters will help us remember that we are simply planting seeds, and impacting others in any way we can. This leads to authenticity.

The Greater Vision

When we're focused on our journey and the vision we've set out for our own lives, we forget that it's not about us. Each relationship, moment, experience and encounter is about God's plan for His church. We might live for 100 years. However, it's a blip when it comes to His entire plan. Every moment counts because it sets the stage for the people who follow you in the journey.

You don't want to miss the journey because sometimes it is greater than the destination. I'm not saying it's greater than the vision. However, if we only look to the next step, we'll miss the many things that surround us. We'll miss the things that could change, inspire, and motivate us.

So before you think about the next event, position or job ask yourself:

What's Happening Around Me Now?

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