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What Goes Into Creating a 52-Week Bible Study at YM360?

Andy Blanks and Jake Rasmussen share about part of the process YM360 goes through when it creates a 52-week Bible Study Curriculum for youth ministry. Hope it helps you understand a little more about the intentional process we go through to create a Bible Study for your youth ministry. You can see all YM360 Bible Studies by CLICKING HERE. Enjoy the video! 

YM360 invites you to download 6 free lessons from our Bible Study Curriculum to use in your youth ministry in the coming days.

Download 6 Free Bible Study Lessons for Your Youth Ministry

Finances Shouldn't Be a Block to Great Bible Study Curriculum 

Lee Moore, Director of Customer Care at YM360, shares a passion of YM360 and his. You can reach Lee by calling the YM360 office at 888-969-6360 or email at

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