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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!
Start Your Fall With A Bang. But Beware The Slow Fade.

Start Your Fall With A Bang. But Beware The Slow Fade.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The Fall semester starts. It’s a new ministry year. You are super pumped. Your team is super pumped. And you guys accordingly cast the vision for the new school year. You communicate all the awesome things that are going to happen. You talk about the events. You talk about the small groups. You talk about all the life change that is going to happen. Everyone is super excited and optimistic. The Fall starts with a bang!

And then some time after a few weeks have passed, the excitement starts to wear down. You notice the commitment level from students and volunteers alike has started to wane. The buzz of your fresh start has worn off. You find yourself a victim of the slow fade.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, it may be OK. And it may not be. Here’s what I mean . . .

It may be OK. There is a normal bit of drop-off in enthusiasm and participation as the school year goes on. You know this. It just happens. It’s part of all the things you, your volunteers, and your students have to juggle. There may not be any reason to worry. But there might . . .
You may be experiencing a drop-off in excitement and participation because you’ve presented your vision for the year, but don’t have a plan in place to execute. This isn’t good.

Building excitement for the new school/ministry year is important. It’s vital, in fact. And it’s fun! Who doesn’t love a fresh start? But if you don’t have an intentional, well-conceived plan to put your ideas to work for you, you’ll find that any momentum you generate from a big kick-off will fade over time.

Have ideas. Dream big. But find people you trust and let them help you build the infrastructure necessary to execute your vision.

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