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Showing Teens How To Enjoy The Holidays

Showing Teens How To Enjoy The Holidays

After my parent’s divorce Christmas was a difficult time of year. There was tension and fighting, which always put a damper on the holiday. Finally, my Christmas got better when I met my wife and started working at a church. I was reminded that it really is about Christ and a time to be thankful for the family God has blessed you with.

With all the commercials, festivities and chaos it’s easy to ignore that this can be a difficult time of year for people, especially your teens.

Everyone is pressured to put on a smile. However, in their hearts might be a whole lot of BAH HUMBUG!  It’s important for your teens to enjoy this holiday because of the impact it has on their faith. That’s why you need to make sure you show them how to:

Slow It Down

Christmas moves quickly; therefore, teach them how to enjoy the entire experience. 



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While giving them tools to find quiet time with God is helpful, be sure to provide experiences as well.  That might mean doing a prayer night or simplifying the program.  Slow down what you do so that you can help teens to do the same.
Fill It With Hope

The holidays can be emotionally difficult.  Whether it’s seasonal depression or a hardship at home your teens might not have hope.  Give them hope by revisiting the Nativity story, organize a missions’ project or just break it down for them.  The more they learn to hope, the more they’ll discover God’s gift for their life.

Refocus On Christ

The commercialism during this season is a big distraction from Christ.  Breakdown the holiday by exploring where certain symbols (i.e. Christmas tree), and traditions came from.  Remind them that it’s not about what you receive, but how you share Christ with others.  Help them see it’s not about what they want, but what God has in store.

While your teens might not be caught up in the craziness, it’s important to prepare them to face it.  Remind your teenagers of what Christmas can and should be by showing them how to live it. Don't be afraid to revamp your programs, and tweak what you do so that you help them enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

How do you help your teens experience Christmas to the fullest?

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