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"Live Books of the Bible" from ym360 and Simply Youth Ministry is LIVE!

We're excited to announce a really cool Bible Study resource we produced in partnership with some good friends. youthministry360 and Simply Youth Ministry have partnered to bring you the Live: Books of the Bible, an awesome two-year Bible Book study curriculum that teaches students truths from some of Scripture's central Books. Using Live's proven electronic delivery system, Live: Books of the Bible gives you a ton of resources while delivering streamlined content in an easy-to-digest fashion. All in all, it's a great resource to help your student apply the truths of the Bible. We're really excited about this resource, and excited to be partnering with SYM.

And because of this, we're doing a two-day contest on the ym360 Facebook page, to give away a FREE subscription to "LIVE: Books of the Bible"! The contest will run from 9:00 CST on Tuesday, August 2nd, until 3:00 CST on Wednesday, August 3rd. CLICK HERE to head to the ym360 Facebook page to enter.

Live has established itself as a unique approach to teaching. It's discussion-based, so from a style perspective, the lesson plans are very conversational. We focused on pulling key passages from foundational Books of the Bible, and teaching them in a way that puts a high premium on application. And while this is accomplished mainly through discussion, we've successfully included some really good optional activities that leverage media, narratives, object lessons, and pop-culture narratives. More than anything, we believe this is a partnership between two ministries who are absolutely committed to serving youth workers with excellence. We know SYM has a heart and a passion for youth workers. ym360's commitment to God's Word and to equipping youth workers makes this partnership a great fit. It's a blast working with the SYM team to produce such cool resources. Below you'll see a few things:

  • A chart that shows the Books we're covering in Live: Books of the Bible,
  • A link to download a free sample, and,
  • A video from ym360 talking about the distinctives of the resource.


To Download A Free Lesson, Click The Button Below!


To Learn more about Live: Books of the Bible, watch the video below with ym360's Publisher, Andy Blanks.

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