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How to Prevent Burnout in Youth Ministry: Prayer

How to Prevent Burnout in Youth Ministry: Prayer

I wouldn’t claim any of these to be an original thought on prayer and if you’re looking for something that is deep theology this is not for you.

These are simply my thoughts on practical tips on prayer that can help you avoid burn out.

  1. Pray throughout the day.
    For years I struggled with the fact that I did not pray like one of the greats, rising 2 hours early and praying for hours. What I found is First Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.” Is extremely refreshing during the course of the day. Being in constant prayer helps to change my mind’s perspective on situations to be more in line with His will than my will.
  2. Pray out of a heart of thanksgiving.
    I find it hard to complain when I pray out of a heart of thanksgiving. I can also become thankful for the situation which is causing burnout and stress. When praying this way I find I have a lot to be thankful for.
  3. Pray for awareness.
    When I am in constant prayer, I become more aware of the needs of others, which always opens many opportunities to minister and do what I am called to do. Burnout often comes from more emphasis on one’s problems than from a thankfulness of what we have.
  4. Pray for God's love for others. 
    Unfortunately, I need to pray constantly for the Holy Spirit to help me love others. He is faithful to help me in this area. I have come to realize there will be people in my life that are impossible for me to love on my own and some of these people attend church. 
  5. Pray in faith.
    When I begin to pray in faith I soon realize that God is in control and He has the power to help me overcome all anxiety. Just a reminder praying in faith is not believing God can but in all reality that God will.
  1. Pray and pray some more because when in the presence of God it is life changing.

In the end, so many times burnout happens due to us being busy doing good and not spending enough time on our own spiritual growth and time with God in prayer. I hope you will stop now and begin to spend time with God before doing anything else.

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