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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!
Helping Students Discover A Vibrant Prayer Life In The Psalms

Helping Students Discover A Vibrant Prayer Life In The Psalms

When we were talking about the next few Bible Book studies ym360 was going to launch, I kept going back to Psalms. As I’d mention it to some of our youth minister buddies we bounce ideas off of, they’d laugh. “How are you going to look at Psalms in 6 lessons? Better yet, why even try?” It’s a valid question. But as I kept going back to it, I realized what it was about the psalms that I wanted to put in front of teenagers . . . 

When you read the psalms, especially the psalms of David, you are pretty much hit over the head with how personal, how real, and how powerful David’s prayer life was.

David knew God. I mean, he knew Him! He didn’t talk to God with cool detachment. It was both a reverence and familiarity born out of relationship. And it wasn’t just David. The authors of the psalms brought everything to God with such emotion. Their praise was full and real. Their pain was full and real. Their petitions, their thanksgiving, even their everyday, average prayers were just so real! And so we launched REACH: A 6-Lesson Study on the Book of Psalms.

REACH is focused on showing teenagers that the vivid prayers in the psalms are models that they, too, can begin to incorporate in their own prayer life with God.

REACH will show students how to reach out to God and how He reaches out to them! They'll see examples of reaching up to God, reaching out to God, reaching for God's presence, and reaching beyond the present to remember times God acted boldly in their lives.

We’re super excited about how it turned out! So excited, in fact, that we are doing a very special promotion for our ym360 Blog readers!

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Check out some of the features included in this powerful study:

  • 6 Lesson Plans
  • 6 Student Guides
  • Parent Resources
  • Teacher Prep Videos
  • 6 Media Components
  • 6 PowerPoint Shows, Devotional content, and more!

Here's a sneak peek at the Lesson 1 Video that serves to kick off your REACH study.



Try an entire lesson for free Check It Out

More Info or Ready To Purchase? (and don't forget your coupon!)

If you want more info or want to add REACH to your teaching library CLICK HERE

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, email, or live chat us.

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