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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!
YM360's Friendly Guide to Youth Ministry Communication

YM360's Friendly Guide to Youth Ministry Communication

Communication is changing faster than we can type, “hashtag blessed,” and as the youth minister, you’re probably considered the most technically-savvy staff member at your church. There are so many different ways to communicate and so many different people to communicate with. Where do you even begin?

Right here.

Lucky for you, YM360 is on the up and up with how to talk to whom. (See? We’re even grammatically correct.) We’re here to guide you in navigating the choppy waters of communication in youth ministry. #heretoserve

Let’s consider the different folks you have communication with on a regular basis.


Parents live and die by their email. Are you trying to announce a parent meeting on Twitter? You are speaking into the ether, because the only people parents are following on Twitter are their kids ghosted accounts and Joanna Gaines. Shoot those parentals an email and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches.

Look. We love the guy, but why are you emailing your senior pastor? Stand up, get some steps logged on your FitBit, and bribe his secretary with cupcakes to get a face-to-face. Plus, you’ll get to sit in those comfy office chairs. BONUS!

Get them all in a room, walk them through the process to download the Group.Me app, and set that thing ablaze. It’s so easy, and you can quickly disseminate information. Information such as: “I’m bringing donuts to Sunday School today!” You know. Really important things. Spiritually formative things.

Oh man. Where do we even start? Maybe it’s better to talk about how NOT to communicate with them? With the caveat that all the technology mentioned will probably be obsolete by the time we go to print? Okay, no Facebook (they’ve vacated since their parents took over), no email (it might as well be the Pony Express in the dead of winter for how frequently they use it), and no Twitter (it's for "olds," aka you and me).

You know what’s the worst? Getting a text message from your spouse while you’re driving a van full of sweaty teenagers. That’s valuable cargo, and texting while driving is a Class A No-No. But your husband needs a reminder where the socks go or when the plumber is coming by, and he needs it now! Y’all, Voxer is about to change your life. Download that app and you’ve now got the dreamiest walkie-talkie on your phone. No looking at your texts. #distractionminimized

The world of communication is your oyster. Crack that sucker open, pour some butter on it, and get to work.

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