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Equipping Youth Workers To Lead Students Closer to Christ

Equipping Youth Workers To Lead Students Closer to Christ

At ym360, we really do get fired up about helping youth workers impact students lives in the name of Christ. Because of this, we intentionally build Bible Study Resources that put more tools and features at your fingertips than just about anybody. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself! Every ym360 Bible Study Resource comes with the following features:

  • Lesson Plans that are biblically sound, easy to teach yet challenging for students, and culturally relevant
  • Media! Super-creative illustration videos, plus other interactive media components
  • NEW!!Parent Resources to inform your students' parents of what you're studying, and to help them engage with their children
  • Devotional content! E-votions and Digi-posters both deliver meaningful devotional content for students
  • NEW!!Teacher Prep Videos help teacher really focus on exactly what to teach to their students
  • PowerPoint slideshows and Student Handouts for every lesson
  • Promotional Artwork to help you build cool environments to surround your study
  • And, our Core line of Book Studies also come with a sheet of Scripture Memory Cards.

As you can see, it's a pretty cool mix of tools and resources. We hope it reflects our desire to truly equip you to craft meaningful times of study. But as we mentioned in the video, we are super pumped about these two new features.

First, we're excited about our PARENT RESOURCES

Below you will see a sample Parent Letter that would be used by a youth worker following a lesson. They are simply a way for you to help partner with your students' parents to help lead students closer to Christ.

CLICK HERE to download a sample PARENT LETTER!

Secondly, we are PUMPED to offer Teacher Prep Videos

Teacher Prep Videos are short videos that help you prepare to teach. No more, no less! It's just another way we want to help you be a more effective Bible teacher. Here is a sample of a Teacher Prep Video from our 4-Lesson study entitled The Least Of These:  

[wp-jw-player src="" width="420" height="290" image="/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/ym360-Video-Still-Shot.png"]

CLICK HERE to see a sample of what a Teacher Prep Page feels like.

Here is the coolest thing! We are making these resources available to you if you have already purchased one of our Bible Study Resources!

If you/ve purchased any ym360 Bible Study Resource and would like access to these two new features, just shoot us an email and we will make both the Parent Resources and the Teacher Prep Videos to you and/or your teaches.

We hope you find our resources to really be valuable tools in your journey to lead students in discipleship. If we can be of any help at all, please don't hesitate to call us.


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