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Do You Treat Your Spiritual Battery Like Your Phone Battery?

Do You Treat Your Spiritual Battery Like Your Phone Battery?

The other day I was traveling when I noticed my phone battery was very low. So, like everyone, when I got the first warning about it being low I kept talking, emailing, tweeting, and texting anyway! But I soon found myself at the point where it was going to turn off on me. I knew had to stop what I was doing to connect to a power source. This made me think about those of us in youth ministry . . . How often do you find yourself running in a million different directions, only stopping at the last minute to recharge before you run out of batteries?The demands of youth ministry lead to this being a pretty common occurrence. We know we spread ourselves too thin. And when we do, we can oftentimes put our own spiritual health on the back burner. Yet, knowing this and doing somethign about it are two different things, though.

Let me take this opportunity today to encourage you to do what it takes to stay plugged in to a power source. THE Power Source!

For those of us in youth ministry, we understand that all (OK, most) of the work we do is needed and beneficial. But just like we do when we charge our cell phones or tablets, we need to plug-in to a source capable of recharging our batteries. In order for us to keep going personally, and in order for us to facilitate effective ministry with and for our students, we need regular stops at the power source. Jesus has infinitely more power than we do! (We know this, but based on the way we act sometimes, we seem to forget!) And while this looks different for everyone, it has to involve some vital and universal elements: Prayer, Scripture Study, Silence, Fasting, and Worship. So, honestly, when was the last time you really made time to recharge yourself?

  • How often do you make time for dedicated and meaningful prayer with God?
  • How often do you read the Bible, not for anything related to your vocation, but purely for your personal closeness with God?
  • When was the last time you were silent and just listened for God, not only as it relates to ministry but also for your life?

Many of us approach our relationship with God like we do our phones: we know it's time to recharge but we'll let the battery almost die out, trying to get out the last email, tweet, text, or call. There's a better way. A more consistent way. Staying plugged in to God keeps our batteries from running down, a fact that helps us personally and our ministries. What are some ways that you recharge yourself and the ministry? What did I leave out? Please Comment below.

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