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Do You Know How Gifted Your Students Are?

Do You Know How Gifted Your Students Are?

This is probably an understood point. But for the sake of conversation, did you know that your students are gifted? I’m sure you have students who are gifted athletically and are phenoms at their sport. I’m sure you have musically talented students who could play concerts for large crowds. But what I’m talking about is students gifted spiritually for the work God is doing.

One thing I have felt purposed with lately is equipping those around me for the ministry that God is calling them to. I will regularly ask adults in our ministry if they feel comfortable doing more than just being in the room. I remember when I was a volunteer with the ability to lead worship and teach, and I so desired someone to ask me to do more than just be a warm body. So, I always want to give those opportunities to them.

The same is true with our students

I know they are fully capable of doing so much more than just being present in a preschool classroom. I know they are capable of teaching God’s Word. I know they can be worship leaders in our student services. I know, even when they say it freaks them out, they are honest with their prayers and can lead our group in that way. So I ask them to do just that. I’ll go to a student I see actively participating each week and offer them a chance to lead. “Hey, have you ever thought about leading our teaching time on Sunday nights? I think you would do a great job, and your friends would listen to you.”


This isn’t a commercial for YM360 Sermon Series, but I will say that’s why I love getting series and curriculum from YM360 because it’s an easy way to set up students for success in this. The formats you get in their teaching series are great outlines to give students, and it leaves ample room to make it your own. It also gives me a chance to walk through the content one on one with those students. Ok, back to students…

If I see a student hanging around during our worship band rehearsals, I’m quick to say, “Hey, have you ever played an instrument before?” Neither our drummer nor our keyboard player in our student band had any experience leading worship, but I noticed a spark when I asked if they were interested in learning.

One last story, and then I’ll wrap this up so you can get back to your email inbox. I had a student come to me a few months ago asking about wanting to buy a camera. He was curious about photography and wondered if it would give him some new opportunities when he goes to college this fall. So we talked about cameras, what kind of lenses he should get, very basic stuff. A few days later, he sent me a picture of his new camera setup. Needless to say, he was excited. So I asked. “Hey man, you want to bring your camera to church on Sunday and take photos of our services?” I wanted to give him an opportunity to learn his new passion, and I just happen to manage our church's social media accounts as well. So he took pictures that Sunday, and I used his pictures for our social media that week. The next Sunday, he showed up with his camera and asked to take pictures again. And again, I used his pictures for our social media posts. He is now our lead Sunday photographer, and his pictures are getting better and better every week. He shows up with a shot list of things to capture and honestly takes better photos than I ever did. People have noticed the difference; they are constantly complimenting our weekly content. His parents tell me weekly how grateful they are that we gave him the opportunity to develop this new passion. He’s even using it as an outreach opportunity at local sporting events to connect.

Your students are gifted in so many ways. And there is ample need for them to take ownership in our churches through serving. Give them that chance. I didn’t give that student his photography skills. I just offered up an opportunity for him to promote the Gospel work God is doing through it. And he’s flourishing in it. Ask your students to lead. Ask your students to teach. Ask them to live out their gifting. 

Share your thoughts with others in our YM360 community:

  • How are you teaching your students about spiritual gifting? Do your students know what their gifts are?
  • Do you have a road map in place to help your students find places to serve? What holds you back from getting more students involved in serving around the church?


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