Welcome to the YM360 Easter Vault! 

At YM360, we're passionate about seeing students grow to love Christ more, and about equipping youth workers to help facilitate this growth. Pretty simple, right?

One of the rewarding ways we get to do this is through our awesome collection of FREE STUFF, this Easter is no exception. It's a blast for us to get to give away solid resources to our great community of youth workers.

Easter is such a rich time for Christ-followers, a time of reflection and celebration. The resources you see below will help you lead students to do both of these! Read the descriptions of the lessons and download the one that most suits your needs. Or, download them all! And don't forget to download the free student devotions. You'll love how they help your teenagers prepare their hearts and minds for Easter.

We hope you enjoy these and that they help your teenagers draw closer to Christ.

Happy Easter from everyone at YM360!



An Easter Encounter Youth Ministry Bible Study Lesson


Title: Encounter: Death. Life. Forgiveness.

Purpose: Challenge teens to remember why Jesus did what He did and what was accomplished through His sacrifice, and to formulate a response to Jesus' death and resurrection.

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The Thread of Love An Easter Free Bible Study Lesson


Title: The Thread of Love

Purpose: Help teens see how God wove a thread of redeeming love through the Bible, culminating with the greatest expression of love, Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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The Big Picture An Easter Lesson Youth Ministry Bible Study Lesson


Title: The Big Picture

Purpose: Challenge teens to fully grasp the impact Christ’s resurrection has had on their lives by helping them articulate their response to Christ’s resurrection, and how it has affected them personally.

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10 Awesome Easter Devotions for Youth Ministry

Title: 10 Easter Devotions: Death. Life. Forgiveness

Purpose: Help teens get prepared for Easter by looking at a chronological view of the events surrounding Jesus' last days on earth. They will help your teens prepare their hearts and minds to celebrate Christ's resurrection.

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