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What We Do

youthministry360 youth ministry, full circle

ym360 full circle

So what does "youth ministry, full circle" really mean, anyway?

It's actually pretty simple . . .

It's ym360's way of meeting the needs of youth workers. We believe all youth workers, regardless of church size, denomination, or level of experience have at least four specific needs in common. And we spend our time working to encourage and equip youth workers in these four unique areas.

Check out the video (above) to learn more about “youth ministry, full circle.”

the ym360 promise

What We Believe

What We Believe About the Bible

The Bible is God’s Word. It is His primary means of communicating His story of redemption and love to the world. God inspired men to write the Bible. As such, it is perfectly sufficient in guiding and instructing God’s children in every circumstance. God’s Word teaches us about His character, the history of His interaction in the affairs of humankind, and His eternal plan to redeem His children from their sin through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.

At youthministry360 we believe a solid understanding of the Bible is foundational for teenagers. Therefore, we are passionate about equipping youth workers to teach Scripture to their students.

What We Believe About God and the Trinity

God is the one, Supreme Being who rules over all creation. God exists in three persons, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, each unique, yet without division. God is Creator, the author of all life. He is perfect in all His attributes. His glory is renowned. And God is immutable; He never changes. His people can take confidence in knowing God is, has always been, and will always be. His nature and character are eternal.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, shares the Father’s eternal nature. Yet, He took on physical form, being incarnated as a man, and dwelled on this earth, both fully God and fully human. God fulfilled His plan of grace, salvation, and redemption through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God at work in this world. The Spirit works within a person’s life to call them to salvation and subsequently indwells all who believe. The Spirit illuminates the truth of Scripture, empowers people to do the work of the Lord, convicts believers of sin and righteousness, and serves as a seal of the inheritance God has promised to all who believe.

At youthministry360 our desire is for teenagers to know all of God, personally and powerfully, and for this knowledge to have a dramatic impact on their lives.

What We Believe About Salvation

The sin of humankind effectively puts a barrier between God and people. And Scripture is clear: the penalty for sin is death. But the Lord, in all His sovereignty, had a plan set in motion before time to provide a means by which the sin of humankind might be atoned for, thus providing salvation for people.

God’s ultimate expression of His desire to redeem humankind from their sin came in the form of His Son, Jesus. Through Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross, we are made clean. In His mercy, God accepts Jesus’ payment on our behalf. And because of His great love for us, God has made salvation available to us by grace through faith. Salvation cannot be obtained by any other means. By professing faith in Christ, we are literally made new; our old self is put to death.

Ultimately, Christ will once again return to this earth, ushering in the reign of God over all humankind. Scripture tells us that Jesus will one day gather up His children to dwell with God forever in heaven, perfected and finally freed from the trappings of the World. When Christ does return, there will be a time of judgment where all those who rejected Christ will be condemned to eternal separation from Him, and all those who professed Christ as Lord will live in eternal communion with Him.

At youthministry360 our desire is to see teenagers come to faith in Christ and to grow in that faith.

What We Believe About the Church

We believe the Church, the global body of all who believe in Jesus Christ, is the primary expression of God’s work in this world. God has chosen the Church to be His hands and feet, spreading the news of the Gospel, ministering to those in need, and serving as a standard of holiness and righteousness in a fallen world.

At youthministry360, we exist to support the local church, particularly the men and women serving as youth workers or youth pastors within churches all across the country.

What We Believe About Compassion Toward the Least

We believe all of Scripture clearly reflects God’s attitude towards the sick, the poor, the outcast…in essence, the “least of these.” In both the Old and New Testament, Scripture calls the children of God to be especially mindful of the poor and the destitute. Scripture attests that our salvation is evidenced by spiritual fruit. And some of the most meaningful fruit is to sacrificially give of one’s time, money, and talents in order to share the love of God with those who may be the most unloved. By doing so, God’s Kingdom is radically and dramatically furthered on this earth.

At youthministry360 we desire to see teenager’s live out their faith in ways that seek to minister to the poor, the lost, the sick, the outcast, and the downcast.

The ym360 Team

Take a moment to meet the people who make ym360 happen.

Andy Blanks
ym360 co-founder, wanna'be fantasy baseball pro

Andy Blanks leads all the content creation for ym360. If it's a blog post, resource, or workshop, Andy had his hands on it (for better or worse!). In 2003 he took a gig in youth ministry publishing where his passions for God's Word and for creating intersected in a dynamic way. He was hooked. Andy lives in Birmingham, AL with his wonderful wife Brendt, their three daughters, and one son. He's a pretty big fan of both the Boston Red Sox and anything involving the Auburn Tigers. When he's not hanging out with his family or volunteering at his church's youth ministry, you can find Andy trail running or mountain biking.

Angela Terry
ym360 Event Curriculum Guru, likes fancy gloves

Angela Terry is the customer care guru for all things ym360 Event Curriculum. Angela has a deep passion for equipping the church in the discipleship process, and seeks to make the youth worker’s job easier.  As the wife of a college pastor herself, Angela spends a lot of time “in the trenches,” ministering to the college students of greater Birmingham. On any given day, Angela enjoys filling her free time with sports (mainly the Denver Broncos), HGTV, baking and shopping.  Angela lives in north Birmingham with her husband Madison and dog Maple.


Lee Moore
director of customer care, yankee fan

Lee Moore is the customer care voice of youthministry360. Lee loves helping youth workers find the right material for engaging teens in God's Word. Lee currently serves as Chaplain of Pelham High School Baseball Team (yes, the 2013 6A State Champs!) and Helena Middle School Baseball Team, as well as Sunday School teacher. A former youth pastor, his first love is Jesus and his passion is to encourage students to live for An Audience of 1. Lee lives in Helena, Alabama with his wife, Tammy, and their children, Austin and Abby.

Les Bradford
ym360 co-founder, wanna'be golfer

Les Bradford is the co-founder of youthministry360 and leads in all administrative aspects of ym360. Les has worked in this capacity in youth ministry orgs for over 9 years. Les has a knack for making all the moving parts work together. Youth ministry helped shape his life, and his youth pastor continues to be a great source of encouragement and friendship to this day. Les enjoys all things outdoors and wishes he was better at golf. Les and his wife Jamie live in Birmingham, AL with their son, Gage and daughter, Gracie.

Lynn Groom
Copy Editor Extraordinaire

If you're reading something produced by ym360 and marvel at its clarity and style, it's thanks to Lynn Groom. (And if you DON'T marvel, it's probably because Andy rushed Lynn and didn't give her time to work her magic.) Lynn has copy edited for 16 years, where her work is wide ranging. She and her husband have two daughters and live in Birmingham, AL. Of all her work, she most loves working with ministries like ym360, where the impact of what she works on lasts forever. Visit

Richard Parker
General Editor, Writer, Youth Ministry Sage

Richard Parker is the resident youth ministry guru at ym360. Richard has served as a youth minister for 35 years, 25 of those at FBC in Russellville, AL. (Shockingly, he was Les' youth minister yet STILL decided to stay in ministry!) He currently is the creative director and student minister at Branches.Church in Russellville, Alabama. Richard serves as a special projects editor and staff writer. Richard wrote ym360's "REACH: A 6 Lesson Study on the Book of Psalms," pens all of the Youth Worker BOOSTs, and has written many of ym360's free lessons, devotions, and blog posts. He and his wife Amy have two daughters, Lauren and Leah, and one granddaughter.

Taylor Robinson and Jason Wallis
All Things Video, Graphics, Motion, Mad Scientists

These guys are mad scientists when it comes to visual imagery. While they both have deep roots in youth ministry, they've found a prominent niche in photography and video. Six Foot Five powers all of ym360's video. If it's any sort of motion graphic, promo or illustration video, it came from Six Foot Five. While Taylor and Jason shoot video and pictures for organizations all over the world, they love the Kingdom impact their work with ym360 makes possible. Connect with 6F5.

Upper Air Creative

Shane and Brandi Etheredge
Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Magicians

Shane and Brandi Etheredge are the creative tours de force behind the look and feel of all things ym360. Apart from being incredible designers, the Etheredges pretty much spend the rest of their time playing slow-pitch softball and raising their three children. Brandi and Shane formed Upper Air Creative, a graphic design house located in Birmingham, AL., in 2010 and through UAC, they help ym360 embrace its core value of creativity. They love having the opportunity to work with ym360 and visually represent such meaningful resources. Visit

ym360 Contributors
Passion, Experience, Wisdom, Modern-Day Heros

We are blessed beyond measure to have this team of contributors representing a lifetime of passion, experience, and wisdom. Our contributors write many of the incredible articles on the ym360 Blog, as well as some of our Bible Study Resources, Free Stuff, and more.

Meet All ym360 Contributors