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Class of 2022 Social Media Template Bundle


Class of 2022 Social Media Template Bundle is a free fully customizable digital resource that will allow your ministry or church to celebrate and honor the Class of 2022 across your social media platforms. 

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  • About This Free Resource
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  • Overview: The Class of 2022 has experienced one of the most chaotic and unorthodox three years of high school in recorded history. They may have started their high school journey with all the nerves and excitement of a typical freshmen year, but in a matter of months, their entire world was turned upside down. From unbridled anticipation one year to the next three years filled with a global pandemic, school shutdowns, COVID stay-at-home orders, nasal swabbing, zoom classes, social distancing, masking, online church attendance, and the canceling of so many of the long-held traditions that they spent years looking forward to getting to do. All this has led many of the seniors and their families in your church to wonder if this day would even come. But it has come! So the question now is this: How are your church and your ministry planning to honor and celebrate the Class of 2022? 


    YM360 has answered that question for you with the creation of a fully customizable FREE digital resource. This digital download will provide you and your church with fully customizable templates that you can use to highlight each of your graduating seniors across all of the most commonly used social media platforms. In just a few clicks, you can recognize each member of your Class of 2022, celebrate their accomplishment, and honor their families by spotlighting their child’s graduation for all to see. What better way for your ministry and church to honor your graduating seniors than to celebrate them publicly? What are you waiting for? Download this FREE resource and start using it today!


    Using The Guide In Your Ministry:

    • Download the editable Class of 2022 templates.
    • Email the parents of your graduating seniors one to two weeks in advance of posting. Tell them that you want to celebrate their graduate along with the others in your ministry and/or church on social media. Ask the parent to email you back with a digital high-resolution senior photo (horizontally framed photos work best), the information you need (student name, high school, college attending, or post-grad plans), and for their permission to post their child's photo.
    • Open the premade and correctly sized template for the particular social media platform in PSD, AI, or Canva. 
    • Upload the senior photo. Enter the name of your church or ministry, student’s name, high school, and where they are attending college. If a senior’s post-grad plans are unknown or if they are taking a gap year, you can also indicate that in this space. 
    • Save and repeat for each graduating senior.
    • Post the saved images on your youth ministry and/or church’s social media channels. 


    What's Included?  Premade PD, AI, and Canva file templates that are correctly sized for the most commonly used social media platforms:  Instagram post, Instagram story, Twitter in-stream post, Facebook post, and Facebook story. 

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