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Youth Ministry Strategy

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    YM360+ Membership: A Year-long Youth Ministry Strategy

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    Transform your youth ministry and empower your students to grow closer to Jesus with a YM360+ Membership. With our proven year-long strategy, you'll have the tools and resources you need to lead with confidence, freeing you up to focus on the things that truly matter in youth ministry. Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty, and hello to a renewed passion for your ministry. And the best part? Not only will your students benefit, but your church will too - as low as $9.59 per week! Don't wait, join now and start seeing real results in your ministry and students.

    from $499.00
  • Wake Up: Rediscovering A Passion for God and the Bible [Adult Edition]

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    Wake Up: Rediscovering A Passion for God and the Bible is a 31-day devotional experience designed to unlock the Bible for Christ-followers. Every day in Wake Up teaches you a different way of meeting with God in the Bible. Some feed your head. Some feed your heart. Some lead you to reflect. Some lead you to act. But every moment is designed to help you rediscover your joy for God and for meeting Him in His Word.