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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!

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Second Row Studios

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Here are ym360, we love helping you however we can. One of the ways we help is by connecting you with some incredible organizations and causes that we love (and that you may not know about).

We like to call it "networking" and it's part of our 4 key areas of serving you. We hope you enjoy learning more about this great partner of ours (or maybe meeting for the first time). Learn more about this partner by clicking their links right above, or click to chat on the top of our website!

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 . . . Get To Know Second Row Studios . . .

About Second Row Studios

Second Row Studios is a collective of Christ following creatives. We want our creation process to reflect Christ, as much as - if not more than, our finished products.

What SRS Does

Simply put, SRS creates videos that are designed to engage our culture. Illustrations. Narratives. Funny. Serious. We want to create great work that in one way or another points people to Christ.

The SRS Slogan

Be Kind. Work hard.

Misc SRS Facts

Founded: 2013

Location: Birmingham, AL

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