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Technology Parenting Conference (Kids Edition)


This kit includes everything you need to coordinate a one-time event on technology for parents of children.

The goal of this event is to help you keep parents informed about technology, including social media, online safety, screen time monitoring, and more. In an ever-changing, fast-growing culture, parents are struggling to keep up with their kids. We give you the tools to offer parents a few technology tips to help them parent their children in the digital age.

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  • About This Resource
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The event kit includes:

    • Technology Parent Event (Program)
    • Promotional Graphic
    • Speaker's Notes & Outline
    • Popular Social Media Apps Presentation (PowerPoint)
    • Popular Social Media Apps Presenter's Notes
    • Technology Monitoring Software Presentation (PowerPoint)
    • Monitoring Software Presenter's Notes
    • Screen Time Guidelines Handout
    • Biblical Encouragement for Parenting in the Digital Age Handout
  • Which Social Media Apps do you cover?

    We cover Houseparty, Meetup, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, YOLO, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Discord, and Tiktok.

    Which Monitoring Software do you cover?

    What ages do you cover in the Screen Time Guidelines?

    Ages 3-10.

    Which presentation software do you use for the slides?

    We saved the slides in PowerPoint, but if you have Keynote, when you open the file, it will convert.

    Is the content geared towards parents of children?

    Yes. This event targets parents of school-age children.

    I am not a technology expert. Why should I buy this product?

    We know there are churches unable to bring in a technology guru, so we created a product where you get to be that person! You do not have to have any experience with technology to offer this event.

    We did the work for you! We created slides to show on a screen that comes with the Presenter's Notes. All you have to do is show the slide...and read the notes!

    I am a technology expert. Why should I buy this product?

    We did the work of creating two slide presentations: Monitoring Software and Social Media. You do not need to use the Presenter's Notes. Simply present the slides and add your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. We also included Speaker's Notes for the Technology Event, so you can inspire parents on the WHY they need to engage technology.

    When do I hold this event?

    This event is one-time only, and you can host it any time that works best for your parents. 

    What are the four elements listed in the program for the Technology Parent Event?

    We, at Ministry to Parents, believe every successful event has four elements:

    • Introduction: Have them meet each other and introduce themselves.
    • Information: Tell them why they are here.
    • Inspiration: Turn a meeting into a moment and inspire them.
    • Ideas: Give away a resource to foster the connection between parent and student.

    Do children attend this event?

    No. This event is for parents only.

    Do the Speaker's Notes teach a Bible lesson?

    No. We chose to use the teaching time to address two topics based on discussions ministry leaders have with parents.

    1) 4 reasons why parents resist learning about technology. 2) 3 reasons why parents need to press in and learn about technology.

    What is the purpose behind the Biblical Encouragement handout?

    Although the Bible does not address the subject of technology, it does address decision-making and fears. We carefully selected three texts that will speak courage into the lives of parents as they navigate the digital age.

    Can I make copies of these resources and use them at church?

    Yes! Please! Copy away! Your purchase covers a license for you and your church only. Please don't share it with another church. Ask them to visit the M2P Store (https://ministrytoparents.myshopify. com/) for their very own kit.