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Acts: Family Bible Study


In the book of Acts, we get to hear how the Gospel (the good news about Jesus) started moving out from Jerusalem (where Jesus died) to the whole world! We learn how the Church got its start! It’s about God’s work in the world and we’re now a part of that, too. This is His story—“history!”

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  • About This Resource
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    • Family Journals
    • Book Summary
    • Optional Reading Plan


    • What is the Bible?
    • Who is God’s Family?
    • What is the Big Story of the Bible?
    • Why Do We Have Four Gospels?

    Each journal page corresponds with one chapter and includes two kid-friendly prompts such as History Tidbits and Fun Facts for conversation starters. The dedicated space Favorite WordsThis Story Inspired Me, and more gives families a place to process thoughts and feelings by writing or drawing while encouraging independent reading for teens.

    The Book Summary offers the setting and theme to paint the overall picture of Acts. Also included is Big Questions Simple Answers, where parents and kids alike learn where Acts fits into God's love story, the history of Isreal and the early church, why there are four gospels, and more!

    The group license permits churches to duplicate, and the individual license is for families. 

  • How can I use this with families in our church?

    There are multiple options! Here are a few:

    • Coordinate an in-person or virtual Bible Study with your families/volunteers.
    • Email a journal page every week inviting families/volunteers to learn together.
    • Print and have weekly copies available during worship gatherings.

    How many pages are in the Family Journal?

    Acts has 28 Family Journal Pages, each one corresponding to a chapter.

    Is the content geared toward a specific denomination?

    Our material is not specific to a denomination allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of congregations such as Methodist, Lutherans, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Bible, Catholic, Baptist, Nazarene, and More! 

    I see there are two purchase options. Which one should I choose?

    The group license permits churches to duplicate, and the individual license is for families.

    I see there is a suggested Reading Plan. Is it dated? 

    No. We choose an undated reading plan because every family's schedule is different. They can choose to work through Matthew as it best fits their schedule. Is it dinner each night? Weekends?

    Is Acts for children or teenagers?

    Both! This material is for all ages.

    For teens, the journal prompts encourage independent reading. For children, parents can use the prompts as conversation starters.