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Youth Group Games: Five Book Bundle


Coming up with fun and engaging games for your youth group can be a daunting task. Through years of creating summer camps and working with youth ministries, J. Roger Davis has created FIVE Youth Group Games books, each packed with 25 field-tested must-play games. The Youth Group Games: Five Book Bundle includes Water Games, Relay Games, Group Building Games, Large Group Games, and Stage Games. This bundle is the perfect resource to help you hit a home run with your students at your next mid-week service, retreat, or event! 


When you purchase the digital edition you'll have a license to make copies. Please do so responsibly, only using the content in your church! Enjoy!

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Group Building Games 

The focus of this book is on teamwork and group building activities. It is no simple task to come up with games that create a bonding experience among your group, and even harder to make those games engaging. The struggle to unite and encourage your students will become a thing of the past as you turn through the pages of Group Building Games.

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Large Group Games 

The focus in this book is on the large group recreation experience. Coming up with games for your entire group or field recreation spaces can be a daunting task. Through years of creating summer camps and working with youth ministries, J. Roger Davis has compiled 25 games that have become must-plays over the years. Large Group Games is the perfect book to help your next recreation experience become a highlight of your retreat or event!

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Relay Games 

One of five books that focuses on a variety of relay-based games. The relay is a staple in the game world, but sometimes our minds become closed to the possibilities of what relays could exist! Utilizing his decades of experience, J. Roger Davis shares his expertise on 25 must-play relays he has used over the years!

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Stage Games 

The focus is on the in-service experience. Whether you need games for the entire room or you need to bring a few students on stage, this book is filled with fantastic fun for your next service. Games serve to make students environmentally comfortable so that they can become theologically aware. Stage Games is a must-have if you want to hit a home run with your students for your next gathering!

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Water Games

Escaping the summer heat and adding a splash to your recreation time always brings added fun to your retreat or event. There are certain games that sink, and others will make waves within your youth group. J. Roger Davis has compiled years of successful water games from his recreation experiences to provide you with games guaranteed to keep you from going off the deep end!

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  • What's Included With Each Book

    • 25 Unique Games — Every Youth Group Games book is filled with unique games designed to include all types of students.
    • Detailed Instructions — You will be able to read the instructions and know exactly what you need to do to best execute the game.
    • Specified Categories — Each game has been sorted into relevant categories such as tournament style, head to head, elimination, or the entire group to help users quickly sort to find their needs. 
    • Supply List — Thought through lists to tell you every piece you'll need to pull off your games.
    • Tips From Field Testing — Each of our games has been tested with students, and we wanted to help you learn from our experience to make each game even better!