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Screen Games for Family Ministry (All Ages)


This game pack includes everything you need to coordinate 10 games for students and/or families. This product helps people laugh and have fun because when they play together, it breaks down walls, relaxes everyone, and creates connections.

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  • About This Resource
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The game pack includes:

    • At-Home Scavenger Hunt
    • Kahoot!: Fast Food Trivia
    • Kahoot!: Pixar Trivia
    • Kahoot! 80's Trivia
    • GooseChase 
    • Charades
    • Bingo
    • Pictionary
    • Mafia
    • Survivor
  • Are Screen Games "online-only" or can they be used in person? 

    We wrote with both in mind and included clear instructions to cover both.

    Will I need to pay for extra software? 

    No extra purchase is required unless you choose additional features.

    What does the Screen Games Kit include? 

    Screen Games includes 10 On-Screen Games. At Home Scavenger Hunt, Charades, Bingo, Pictionary, Mafia, Survivor, Kahoot!: Fast Food Trivia, Kahoot!: Pixar Trivia, Kahoot! 80's Trivia, & GooseChase.

    I am not very tech-savvy. Are you sure I can use these?

    We wrote the instructions with you in mind, and we take a careful, simple, and clear strategy to explain each game. We even included screenshots so you know you're in the right place!

    What's included in the Kahoot! Trivia Game? 

    All three Kahoot! Games come with 15 questions, possible answers, the correct answer, PLUS graphics for each question. We also include step-by-step instructions so anyone can set it up!

    What is Kahoot!? 

    Kahoot! is a game-based platform that allows you to create trivia challenges and host them LIVE or send them out as timed-based challenges.

    What is Goosechase? 

    An online service that lets you do a digital scavenger hunt. Create and control a game from anywhere! We include step-by-step instructions with screenshots to help you every step of the way. Your students will love it!

    What is Bingo? 

    We'll introduce you to an online service that allows you to customize BINGO cards and games for online play with your students.

    What is the appropriate age for these games? 

    These games are for all ages. High School and Middle School ministry leaders can play with them with students. Children's leaders can play with families online or email these games to families and encourage them to play together.