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Devos & Books for Students

As a youth worker, you don't want them to miss out on the most important part of their day — personal devotional time with Jesus. An easy way to invest in your students is with devotionals from YM360 like NEW, NOW, NEXT, How to Be a Man, 99 Things Every Girl Should Know, and more?

  • Awaken: A 21-Day Easter Devotional for Kids & Family

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    Easter Sunday should be one of the best celebrations of the year! But sometimes, it’s easy to get into a routine when it comes to Easter and forget what we're actually celebrating. We usually do a great job of celebrating Jesus coming back to life, but sometimes, we don’t spend too much time on what led up to that point. It’s easy to brush past the sadness that this joy comes from because it’s uncomfortable and upsetting. By going through Awaken: A 21-Day Kids & Family Devotional with your child, you can be sure they will be awakened to a fresh perspective on the gravity of all the Easter story holds. Even though the days leading up to Easter can be sad, heavy, and dark, you and your child will learn how to reflect on these things while still being able to rejoice that Easter Sunday always comes! 

  • Witness: A 21-Day Easter Devotional

    as low as $4.99

    The story of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection is paramount to the Christian faith. In Scripture, we have four different accounts, all unique in their portrayal of God with us, Immanuel. These four witnesses are going to be our guide this Easter, as we look at who Jesus was to each of them, why our own view of Jesus is important, and how incredible the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is.

    In the three weeks leading into Easter, students will have their viewpoint of Christ expanded with Witness: A 21-Day Easter Devotional. As they journey through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, they will see that Jesus is far from one-dimensional. Don’t let your students miss out on this wonderful opportunity to have a better understanding of each of the Gospel writers, and also develop their own witness to the power of Jesus in their lives!