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Welcome To High School Bundle

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The Welcome to High School Bundle includes two powerful devotional experiences to help your incoming high school students grow in their study of God's Word.

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Facing Your Fears: A 40-Day Devotional

What do you fear? What is it that keeps your from being all the God has called you to be? Is it insecurity? Do you doubt yourself? Do you fear rejection? Maybe you don’t feel like you matter very much. Or maybe you’re living under the weight of unrealistic expectations. 

Whatever it is that you fear, whatever it is that holds you down or keeps you back, you need to know this: there is a better way. God has called you to face your fears and lean-in to who He desires you to be. If you’re ready, this book is a great place to start. 

Facing Your Fears is all about allowing the Lord to reveal where fear has taken hold of your life and putting an end to these strongholds. In this 40-day devotional, Bethany Barr Phillips, a Mississippi native and full-time worship leader, brings together years of mentoring others (as well as walking her own path of facing fear) to craft a powerful, Scripture-driven experience. 

If you’re tired of your fear keeping you on the sidelines of what God wants to do through you, let Facing Your Fears lead you to a place where you’re able to actively engage in God’s calling on your life.

Tracing The Thread: A 52-Week Journey Through the Story of the Bible

The Bible. It’s God’s primary way of teaching us about Himself and His ways. But if we’re honest, the Bible can be confusing at times. Especially for teenagers. Part of this is the cultural and historical barrier; it was written a long time ago, in another language, in a culture very different from ours. But maybe the main reason the Bible can be confusing for teenagers is that they don’t truly understand how it works. 

They don’t get that it’s a story. But when they grasp this concept, it changes everything.

Tracing the Thread is a 52-week devotional journey designed to teach teenagers the big-picture story of the Gospel through God's Word. It includes:

  • Weekly memory verses that tie the Gospel to the big-picture story of the Bible
  • Icons that help teach God’s attributes to teenagers as they encounter them 
  • Questions and prompts to help teenagers apply the truths of what they’re learning


Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears

Download a sample of Facing Your Fears: A 40-Day Devotional.

Download Sample (PDF)
Tracing the Thread

Tracing the Thread

Download a sample of Tracing The Thread: A 52-Week Journey Through the Story of the Bible.

Download Sample (PDF)