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Game Ball Set

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The Game Ball Set includes two inflatable balls with fun and thought-provoking questions and challenges designed to be used as an ice-breaker, game, message illustration, or lesson starter.

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Chat-or-Challenge Game Ball

Sample "Chat" Questions

  • If you had to move to another state, which state would you choose? Why?
  • If you could try anything and knew you wouldn't fail, what would you try?
  • Think of somebody you really respect, and share with the group two things that stand out about that person.
  • Your parents give you a choice: They will pay for any car you want when you turn 16, or they will pay for your college tuition. Which would you choose? Why?

Sample Challenges

  • Sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" while spinning around in circles.
  • Do 10 sit-ups!
  • Rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time for 30 seconds.

Throw-and-Tell Ice-Breakers Game Ball

Sample Questions

  • What's the best advice you've ever been given that you wished you'd taken?
  • If you had only one chance to leave your house for the rest of your live, where would you go?