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The Formation Series

A 3-Year Bible Study Strategy
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The Formation Series: A 3-Year Bible Study Strategy

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The Formation Series is a 3-year Bible study journey that will equip your students with the knowledge they need to live bold lives for Christ. It includes:

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Do you want to see your students live out their faith in a way that impacts the world around them for the sake of the Gospel? If so, you’ll want to check out YM360’s Formation Series. The Formation Series immerses your students in the Gospel, teaching them who Jesus was, what He taught, and how He radically changed them and the world through His life, death, and resurrection. Your students will also be taught exactly what it looks like to live the life of a disciple. The Formation Series equips your students with the knowledge they need to live bold lives for Christ. 

The first year of the Formation Series will walk your students through The Jesus Studies, where they will explore Jesus’ teachings about the relevant issues of a teenager’s life. 

The second year will walk students through a study entitled The Rescue: Discovering How the Gospel Rescues and Redeems Us, where students will learn what the Gospel is, how it changes them, and how God uses the Gospel, and them, to impact the world. 

Finally, in the third year of the Formation Series, students will walk through The Life: Embracing the Life of a Christ-Follower, where they will learn exactly what it looks like to live a life of discipleship.

The Formation Series Lineup

The Jesus Studies

The Jesus Studies, a 52-week fully downloadable Bible study curriculum, cuts through the confusion of teenagers' lives and gives your students a Christ-centered worldview for the major issues they face.

You don't need to be reminded of the issues teenagers deal with as they try to live out their faith in a world that's often opposed to their core beliefs. Navigating these issues can be rough. Teenagers get so many mixed messages; the world says one thing, their friends may say another. And we hope they know enough about their faith to know how to make sense of it all.

The Jesus Studies cut through the confusion, teaching your students a Christ-centered look at the major issues they deal with in their lives. These are not watered-down, topical Bible studies. These lessons proclaim how Jesus weighs in on the very issues your students are confronted with on a daily basis. Your students will learn to see their lives through the person of Christ.

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The Rescue: Discovering How the Gospel Rescues and Redeems Us

The Rescue: Discovering How the Gospel Rescues and Redeems Us is a 52-lesson downloadable Bible study that will give your students a rich, in-depth understanding of the Gospel and its impact that many of them may have never known before.

Put simply, the Gospel is God’s amazing Rescue Plan for sinful humanity. Through Jesus, God did what we are incapable of doing: rescuing ourselves from the devastating effects of sin. The good news of the Gospel is that through faith in Christ, we are rescued to a sweeping and far-reaching new reality. 

The Rescue: Discovering How the Gospel Rescues and Redeems Us unpacks this new reality in a powerful way. The Rescue gives your students a comprehensive and transformative view of exactly what the Gospel is, how it radically changes their lives, and how their lives will, in turn, be used to change the world. The Rescue gives your students a rich, in-depth view of the Gospel and its impact that many of them have never seen before.

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The Life: Embracing the Life of a Christ-Follower

The Life: Embracing the Life of a Christ-Follower is a downloadable 52-lesson Bible study curriculum that will equip your students to understand exactly what it means to live as a follower of Christ through a unit-based study of discipleship.

The call to faith in Christ is a call to action. It’s a call to a transformed life, a life that has a specific look to it. This life is called discipleship. And it’s the expected path of all who come to faith in Jesus. 

The call to saving faith is a simultaneous call to follow Jesus in a lifetime of devotion. There really isn’t any other option. The idea that we could know Jesus but live unchanged lives isn’t biblical. The picture of biblical faith is the picture of life daily lived in relationship with God. It’s a life of discipleship. Of “followership.” And The LIFE will help your students know exactly what the call to follow looks like.

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  • The Jesus Studies Overview
  • The Rescue Overview
  • The Life Overview
    • Jesus And Your Faith
    • Jesus And Identity
    • Jesus And Culture
    • Jesus And Loving Others
    • Jesus And Tough Times
    • Jesus And Your Image
    • Jesus And Stress
    • Jesus And Forgiveness
    • Jesus And Relationships
    • Jesus And Influence
    • Jesus And Your Future
    • Jesus And Mean People
    • Jesus And Stuff
  • Introduction
    Lesson 1: The Good News

    Unit 1: The Rescue Defined
    Lesson 2: God As Creator
    Lesson 3: God As Life-Giver
    Lesson 4: Sin Enters The Picture
    Lesson 5: The Results Of Sin
    Lesson 6: The Rescue Foretold
    Lesson 7: Jesus To The Rescue
    Lesson 8: Sharing The News Of The Rescue Through Actions
    Lesson 9: Sharing The News Of The Rescue Through Words
    Lesson 10: The Agony Of The Rescue
    Lesson 11: Rescued Through Faith Alone
    Lesson 12: The Victory of the Rescue
    Lesson 13: A Closer Look At Grace
    Lesson 14: Rescued For A Future

    Unit 2: The Gospel Rescuing Me
    Lesson 15: The Rescued Me: A New Creation
    Lesson 16: The Rescued Me: Forgiven
    Lesson 17: The Rescued Me: A New Purpose
    Lesson 18: The Rescued Me: A Child Of God
    Lesson 19: The Rescued Me: Not Guilty
    Lesson 20: The Rescued Me: Holy, Being Made Holy
    Lesson 21: The Rescued Me: Reconciled
    Lesson 22: The Rescued Me: A New Identity
    Lesson 23: The Rescued Me: A New Citizenship
    Lesson 24: The Rescued Me: God In Me
    Lesson 25: The Rescued Me: A New Mission
    Lesson 26: The Rescued Me: One Day, Glorified

    Unit 3: Sharing The Gospel With The Nations
    Lesson 27: The Gospel: The Power To Save
    Lesson 28: The Gospel: It Must Be Preached
    Lesson 29: The Gospel: To Be Believed And Confessed
    Lesson 30: The Gospel: Our Attitude In Sharing
    Lesson 31: Case Study: Woman At The Well

    Unit 4: Rescued To A Kingdom (Sermon on the Mount)
    Lesson 32: Rescued To A Kingdom: No Love For Anger
    Lesson 33: Rescued To A Kingdom: No Place For Lust
    Lesson 34: Rescued To A Kingdom: No Heart For Retaliation
    Lesson 35: Rescued To A Kingdom: Love Your Enemies
    Lesson 36: Rescued To A Kingdom: Must Be Generous
    Lesson 37: Rescued To A Kingdom: No Need For Anxiety
    Lesson 38: Rescued To A Kingdom: No Room To Judge
    Lesson 39: Rescued To A Kingdom: Living Out God’s Word

    Unit 5: Rescued To Follow (Discipleship)
    Lesson 40: What It Means To Follow
    Lesson 41: The Gospel Must Be Central
    Lesson 42: The Gospel Fuels Prayer
    Lesson 43: The Gospel Enables A Desire To Know God
    Lesson 44: The Gospel Empowers Service To Others
    Lesson 45: The Gospel Compels Multiplication
    Lesson 46: The Gospel Births A Desire To Worship
    Lesson 47: The Gospel Initiates A Desire To Stand Apart

    Unit 6: The Gospel Is Costly
    Lesson 48: Rescued? The World Will Hate You
    Lesson 49: Rescued? Don’t Be Surprised By Trials
    Lesson 50: Case Study: Paul
    Lesson 51: Rescued? Fear Not

    Closing Lesson
    Lesson 52: Not Just Saved FROM. But Saved TO

  • Part 1: Introduction To Discipleship

    Lesson 1: Intro Lesson: The Call to Follow
    Lesson 2: Salvation Empowers Discipleship
    Lesson 3: Discipleship Was Always God’s Plan
    Lesson 4: Discipleship Isn’t An Option
    Lesson 5: The All Encompassing Discipleship Jesus Desires
    Lesson 6: The Holy Spirit And Discipleship
    Lesson 7: Discipleship And Imitation: Imitating God
    Lesson 8: Discipleship And Imitation: Imitating Others
    Lesson 9: Discipleship And Imitation: The Results Of Imitation
    Lesson 10: The Purpose of Discipleship, Part 1: Disciples Influence Culture
    Lesson 11: The Purpose of Discipleship, Part 2: Disciples Introduce Others To Christ
    Lesson 12: The Purpose of Discipleship, Part 3: Disciples Help Others Know Christ More

    Part 2: The Picture Of A Disciple

    Unit 1: A Disciple Surrenders To A Gospel Centered Life
    Lesson 13: What Is The Gospel? And How Does It Impact My Life?
    Lesson 14: What Does It Mean To Surrender To A Gospel Centered Life?
    Lesson 15: The Gospel-Centered Life: Pursuing Holiness
    Lesson 16: The Gospel-Centered Life: Practicing Humility
    Lesson 17: The Gospel-Centered Life: Love Covers All
    Lesson 18: The Gospel Isn’t Just Basic Christianity

    Unit 2: A Disciple Hungers To Know God
    Lesson 19: What Does It Mean To Hunger To Know God?
    Lesson 20: Knowing God Is At The Heart Of Discipleship
    Lesson 21: Knowing God Through The Bible, Part 1
    Lesson 22: Knowing God Through The Bible, Part 2
    Lesson 23: Knowing God Through Prayer, Part 1
    Lesson 24: Knowing God Through Prayer, Part 2

    Unit 3: A Disciple Embraces Christian Community
    Lesson 25: What Does Christian Community Look Like?
    Lesson 26: Disciples Learn In Community With One Another
    Lesson 27: Disciples “Do Life” Together
    Lesson 28: Disciples Pray And Praise Together
    Lesson 29: Disciples Share A Unity In Their Calling
    Lesson 30: Disciples Meet Each Other’s Needs

    Unit 4: A Disciple Engages With His or Her Surroundings
    Lesson 31: The Call To Engage With Our Surroundings
    Lesson 32: The Motivation For Engaging With Our Surroundings
    Lesson 33: How We Engage With The World Matters
    Lesson 34: When We Serve Others, We Serve God
    Lesson 35: We Are Called To Engage With Others In Spite Of Our Differences
    Lesson 36: How Engaging With Our Surroundings Impacts Us

    Unit 5: A Disciple Has A Desire To Worship God
    Lesson 37: Worship Is A Response To Who God Is
    Lesson 38: The Purpose Of Our Worship
    Lesson 39: Worship Comes From The Heart
    Lesson 40: Worshipping Individually And In Community
    Lesson 41: Worshipping God Through Song
    Lesson 42: Worshipping God Through Action

    Unit 6: A Disciple Invests In Multiplication
    Lesson 43: Multiplication, Part 1: Evangelism
    Lesson 44: Multiplication, Part 2: Disciple-making
    Lesson 45: The Practice Of Sharing The Gospel
    Lesson 46: The Challenges Of Sharing The Gospel
    Lesson 47: The Practice Of Disciple-making
    Lesson 48: The Challenges Of Disciple-making

    Part 3: The Cost of Discipleship

    Lesson 49: Discipleship Is Not The Easiest Road
    Lesson 50: Discipleship Can Be Costly
    Lesson 51: There Is Joy In The Difficulty
    Lesson 52: Jesus Wins


Scope & Sequence

Scope & Sequence

Download a printable overview of the 3-year Foundation Series, showing the ideal teaching sequence.

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Sample Lesson Pack

Sample Lesson Pack

Download the sample pack for The Formation Series, a 3-year Bible study series, including lesson plans, teacher prep videos, parent pages, student devotions, and social media content.

Download Samples (PDF)

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