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[DOWNLOADABLE VERSION] Behold the Savior: A 7-Day Christmas and Advent Devotional for Kids & Family


To say that Christmas is an exciting time of the year would be an understatement. It’s a season bursting at the seams with anticipation. Gifts, great food, no school, and time with family are things kids look forward to all year long. With all of these wonderful things waiting around the corner, it can be easy to lose focus on why you’re celebrating in the first place. By going through Behold the Savior with your child, you can be sure they will learn what it means to focus all their attention on the most important person ever, Jesus.

Each day of this devotional contains a short message to read with your child, a couple of questions to help them think through the Bible verse, and an activity to drive home the point of the message. Behold the Savior is an excellent way to prepare your child’s heart and mind for the coming Savior. 

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  • What is Included in the DOWNLOADABLE VERSION
  • This downloadable option was created for you to purchased based upon your ministy's size. Upon purchase you will recieve a PDF version of the devotional for you to share with your students however you'd like. Maybe you want to print them out, maybe you want to post a link for them to download it to their phones, iPads, or laptops. If you have any questions please call the YM360 team or connect with us on LiveChat and we will make sure to help you out!


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Look Inside

Download a sample of Behold the Savior: A 7-Day Christmas & Advent Devotional for Kids & Family [DOWNLOADABLE VERSION].

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