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Bible Study Curriculum (Test)

Your Bible study matters. We’re here to help.


Since 2010, YM360's Curriculum has been taught to thousands of teenagers weekly all over the globe. We live for helping you; let us help you find a good Bible Study fit for your youth ministry. Click here and pick out a time to speak with Amy about your youth ministry and how our Bible Studies can help your teenagers grow deeper in their faith week in and week out.


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  • The Thread: Discovering the Thread of the Gospel Through the Big-Picture Story of the Bible

    from $349.00

    Student ministry has changed a lot over the last eight years, so why shouldn’t your resources? We have put a fresh face on all of the digital and physical resources of The Thread: Discovering the Thread of the Gospel Through the Big-Picture Story of the Bible. The team also went through this 52-week downloadable Bible study to ensure that the same lessons you love and trust are built for today’s students. We’ve tossed out the dated material, cleaned up some previous grammatical errors, and made a better version of one of our most popular year-long Youth Ministry Bible studies! 

    Purchase The Thread and learn about God's story and how He wove His thread of love through every page. 

    from $349.00
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    YM360+ Membership: A Year-long Youth Ministry Strategy

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    Transform your youth ministry and empower your students to grow closer to Jesus with a YM360+ Membership. With our proven year-long strategy, you'll have the tools and resources you need to lead with confidence, freeing you up to focus on the things that truly matter in youth ministry. Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty, and hello to a renewed passion for your ministry. And the best part? Not only will your students benefit, but your church will too - as low as $9.59 per week! Don't wait, join now and start seeing real results in your ministry and students.

    from $499.00