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The Pause


Teach The Pause at your next event and teach your students to "hit pause" and spend time growing their relationships with God.

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We're excited to partner with you to provide The Pause for your upcoming ministry event! This downloadable resource is priced based on your total event participants (adults + students). Choosing your total event participants will ensure you are licensed appropriately for content distribution within your group. Click SELECT OPTIONS above to get started!

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“I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” —Psalm 119:10-11 

Generation Multitask. It’s a fitting label for an overcommitted, over-entertained generation. School, sports, clubs, work, friends, family, church . . . Teenagers are more involved and committed than any group of teenagers before them. It’s no wonder that teenagers find it so difficult finding time to cultivate a relationship with Christ. They have to make time. 

Do your students know how to seek God? In The Pause they’ll learn how to pray, how to memorize Scripture, and how to study specific passages of the Bible. Essentially, they’ll learn how to develop the habits that will lead them into a vibrant relationship with Christ.

The Pause will teach students to “hit pause” and spend time growing their relationship with God.

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A Complete Event Solution:

4 Small Group Bible Study Lessons

Streamlined, complete, and easy-to-teach Bible study lessons for your volunteer leaders with teacher prep videos

4 Large Group Sermon Outlines

Sermon outlines ensure God's Word is the focus of your event. Choose from simple or detailed options for your speaker to follow.

A Complete Media Package

Session videos to kick off and wrap up your weekend, background loops, presentation images, a countdown clock, artwork and more

Student Bible Study Guide

An essential component for your students to experience maximum impact as it is their small group Bible study material.

4 Devotions for Your Students

Perfect for creating quiet time moments throughout your weekend and are included as part of our Student Bible Study Guides

4-Week, Follow-Up Devotional Journal

Keep your students in God’s Word following your event with our 4-week daily devotional journals as they study God’s Word on their own

Event-Themed T-Shirts

Our classic theme-designed shirts are ready to ship and help you round out a complete event experience for your students

Option for Custom-Designed T-Shirts

For a custom fee, our designers can create something unique to your group

Session Overview

Session 1: Hitting Pause

Session Purpose: To help students understand the basics of what it means to hit pause, and to begin thinking about what’s keeping them from doing so.

Main Scripture: Mark 1:32-38, Mark 6:45-47

Supporting Scripture: Psalm 5:3, Daniel 6:10, Acts 10:9

Session Snapshot: Today’s teenagers are busier than any generation before them. Generation Multitask would be a fitting label. School, band, sports practice, volunteering, jobs, and simply spending time with family and friends all create a tremendous drain on students’ time. When they aren’t doing any of these things, they’re being bombarded by the overwhelming amount of media they have at their fingertips. Even when they’re not busy, they’re not resting. And sadly, most aren’t stopping to spend time in meaningful communion with God. Jesus teaches us that hitting pause in the midst of our busy lives is crucial to staying connected with God. In this lesson your students will learn that hitting pause and spending meaningful time alone with God is the key to living the life that God desires them to live.

Session 2: Talk the Talk

Session Purpose: To help students grasp the extreme importance of prayer in developing and maintaining a relationship with God, and to teach them Christ’s model for praying to God.

Main Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13

Session Snapshot: You know teenagers. So you know how important relationships are to them. Relationships with friends and family are the landscape on which teenagers live. So what about their relationship with God? As with any relationship it must be cultivated. Students have to talk to God to know Him . . . just like any other relationship in their lives. One of the key elements of hitting pause is prayer. Prayer is the language of our relationship with God. Jesus offered His disciples a model for how to pray. Lesson 2 will teach your students the various components of the Lord’s Prayer and how they can use these components as a guide to effectively and relationally talk to God.

Session 3: Knowing the Bible

Session Purpose: To help students go deeper in their knowledge of God by applying the Bible study techniques learned in this lesson. 

Main Scripture: Psalm 119:97-104 

Supporting Scripture: Romans 8:38-39, Ephesians 2:4-5

Session Snapshot: In a world where students are pushed and pulled in a million different directions—most of them far away from discipleship—teenagers must know God and His Word. For teenagers to be effectively used by God to impact the world around them, they must know what God expects of His followers. This lesson focuses on teaching teenagers the importance of knowing the Bible and the crucial role that Bible study plays in hitting pause. In this lesson, your students will learn valuable and repeatable skills that will equip them to do meaningful Bible study on their own long after you’ve taught the lesson.

Session 4: Hitting Play

Session Purpose: To lead students to embrace their mission of being God’s messengers of the reconciliation that Christ offers to all people.

Main Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-20

Session Snapshot: When you hit pause on a DVD or DVR to grab another drink or get some popcorn, you eventually hit play again, right? Of course. There would be no reason to come back to the couch, plop down, and watch a paused screen. Up to this point, you’ve stressed to your students the importance of hitting pause in their lives. But in this final lesson, you must stress the importance of hitting play. Like a movie, our lives were intended to be experienced “in play.” God expects us to live in such a way that honors Him while focusing on the spiritual needs of others. Hitting pause is the way we prepare for this. Like an athlete practicing for the big game, or a musician for a concert, hitting pause prepares us for an awesome life of purpose. This lesson will challenge your students to embrace God’s call to join Him on His mission.

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Or Buy Student Resources Individually:

The Pause Student Book is an essential component of your youth ministry event. It serves as the guide for how your students will grow and progress through the weekend. It goes hand-in-hand with your small group lesson plans.

Your youth ministry event is a transformative experience for your students. Equip them to go much deeper in their spiritual journey with The Pause Follow Up Journal. Four weeks of interactive, Bible-centered, and application-oriented content.

These authentic, themed shirts are the hardest part of your event made easier. No more stressing out over all the details. Just give us your sizes and these will show up at your door in no time.


Study and Lesson Overviews

Study and Lesson Overviews

Download a printable overview of The Pause and the four lessons included.

Download Overview (PDF)
Sample Lesson and Features

Sample Lesson and Features

Download the first lesson's small group leader guide, Student Book preview, and a lesson overview.

Download Sample (PDF)

Media Previews

  • Opening Session Video

    Motion Loop

  • Closing Session Video

    Teacher Prep Videos
    Four total teacher prep videos are included (one for each lesson).

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