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Youth / Children’s Minister

Job Details

Job Description: Children’s & Youth Minister

Principle Functions:

  • Zion Baptist Church’s Children’s and Youth Minister is responsible to carry out the following tasks concerning the ministry of youth and children.
  • The Children’s and Youth Minister shall oversee ministries of all ages through 12th grade.

General Provisions:

The Children’s and Youth Minister shall:

  • Maintain a strong personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Support the ministry of Zion Baptist Church with his time, talent, and treasures. He shall be involved in Sunday School, all church-wide related events, as well as, outreach and visitation.
  • Maintain a good attitude and work ethic.
  • Must be teachable and willing to take instruction when needed.
  • Must stay within the budget pertaining to the ministries in which he oversees.
  • The Children’s and Youth Minister shall assist the Pastor on submitting an annual budget for the children’s and youth ministry.


  • Plan and lead Wednesday night youth Bible study.
  • Lead youth Sunday school classes
  • Plan and lead Sunday afternoon Discipleship Groups (At the spring and fall times of year.)
  • Plan and lead all youth & children’s camps, trips, and activities to include, but not limited to: Disciple Now Weekend, senior recognition and luncheon, Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC), mission trips, youth and children’s fellowships, etc.
  • Plan at least one children’s and one youth event per month.
  • Will lead both Children’s & Youth Ministry Teams to develop and plan all children and youth related activities.
  • Support and visit youth at their sports, plays, graduations and school related events.
  • Visit children and youth when ill in the hospital.
  • Promote the Children’s and Youth Ministry by posting events on the church website and social media.


The Children’s and Youth Minister shall:

  • Report directly to and be accountable to the Pastor.
  • The Youth Pastor must submit a quarterly or semi-annual ministry plan to the Pastor.

Work Requirements and Vacation Time

  • As a full-time minister, he shall be fully engaged in the work of the ministry each week by balancing preparation time in the office and outreach in the church field.
  • Shall be required to keep daily office hours (Monday-Friday) and allowed one week day off per week as coordinated by the pastor.
  • Shall receive twelve days paid vacation per year.
  • Shall receive four Sundays off per year. (Must coordinate time off with the Pastor)



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